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WHAT's HOT and WHAT's NOT?  July 2nd, 2001

The gaming industry can be unforgiving.. but not as unforgiving as us!  There are just games, publishers, sites, etc. out there that bring the business down... and we're gonna tell you who they are.

But you know, on the flip side there are those people, games and companies that make this industry as awesome as possible.  Who's Hot?  Who's cold? Let the story be told...

HOT arrow.gif (832 bytes) CROSSROADS of DERETH - They're so back, and so much better than ever.  Full props out to the CoD staff and especially Allen Grey for over coming the odds and bringing back the best damn AC site around.

arrow.gif (832 bytes) TURBINE GAMES - In keeping with the AC thing, Turbine has once again asserted it's dominance as the best MMORPG designers around by the oh-so timely and already anticipated Expansion pack slated for this Christmas.  Houses!   Cool.

WARM arrow.gif (832 bytes) FIREARMS 2.6 - While 2.6 will probably be the best RC for FA, the only reason the Team isn't on the hot list is the rumoured release date... August 15th.  Another month of aug whores chaps my ass.

arrow.gif (832 bytes) AO COMMUNITY - While the Anarchy Online fans are quite dedicated, I'm finding them kinda dull and unresponsive.  They only seem to lash out when angered, but at all other times, you never hear a peep.  In game socializing is at a minimum.  Something's missing... oh yeah, our spirits have been crushed by...

COLD arrow.gif (832 bytes) ANARCHY ONLINE - Almost pains me to do this, and as hard as Funcom has been working on the game, frankly.. the game sucks to play right now.  Disconnects, being unable to zone, being stuck in f-cking shops for hours on end is not what I pay money for.  One hopes these problems are found and squashed soon before the game collapses in on itself.

arrow.gif (832 bytes) LUM the MAD.NET - I love Lum, don't get me wrong.  But for f-cks sakes, quit bitching about AO.  Yes it's rough, yes the game is an utter pain in the ass right now, but I swear 75% of his news posts in the last few days have been part of the Summer AO Bitchfest.  Let it go.  There's always EQ to grill.