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the Edge and Christian Show.. Clan [E&C]

[Check out our totally rad Firearms news here]

    Dude, like totally welcome to the homepage of the fightingest clan in Firearms... [E&C]!!    Well, E&C isn't a clan like you're normally used to... see, we're a tag team... there's two of us, so while we're not the biggest clan, it doesn't matter because we are seven time tag team champs.  Seven times!  And double gold rules, totally rad.   Here are the members of [E&C].

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christian.gif (51707 bytes)

    And we're like totally sorry if our theme music is too big, but we're sure you'll agree that it's like... so worth it.

    Now why are we a two man clan?  Well, its so simple dude.    When we started playing FA, we liked totally reeked of heinousity... we reeked of sucktitude so NOBODY would ever have us in a clan.  So we started our own and now we totally rule!  Well, for a two man tag team we do.  so now that you know where we started, lets get you introduced to Edge and Christian... the fightingest tag teams champions ever!

5 second pose!

    We have been a tag team since we started playing Asherons Call awhile back.  The when Christian started playing FA, he eventually got Edge into it.    The first few weeks were rough, but we survived and now we're totally rad!    Firearms reeks of awesomeness!!  And sodas rule!!

edge2.gif (16763 bytes)


Edge is totally gung ho dude!  He loves his AK 47, and he soo loves to rush headlong into combat and owning the bad guys!  When the time calls for it though, Edge can totally be a sneaky bastard and snipe even!  He also loves to knife losers!  Knives rule!  Edge totally gets more frags than Christian, but Edge also dies alot more too... but thats what you get for being a totally awesome assaulter!


christian2.gif (17025 bytes)


Christian is way more cautious than Edge, playing fire support and scout roles.  When in the field he totally relies on his M-16 and loves grenading with the M203.  His secondary role is sniper, and when he's on his game, Christian can snipe with severe ramerpercussions to the enemy!  Christian rarely bags more frags than Edge, but he dies less.  He's sneaky and cautious, and that's why they're both a totally awesome tag team.

    Double gold rules!

    As clans go, its so obvious that we can't be in clan matches but we do love being part of the awesome FA community.  Clans like ECK, BTE, TBK and S^D have all been so cool to the tag team champs, so we have to give some major props to these guys.  FA so totally rules, and while we play we're going to do everything we can to make it cool for everyone.  We pride ourselves on being fair players, and totally cool with new people, aside from the odd f10 to parachute joke.. that's some heal heat baby!

EC Firearms news


- June 6th,2001-

With Fenris chopping wood, or carving stone, not sure what he does at work, it was up to Edge (moi) of [E&C] to provide annoyance, comic relief, and general cannon fodder to the world of Firearms today.  Today I had the pleasure of finally hooking up with 3 companions of mine.    SilentJ, Doc Chaser, and The Decoy.  I was lucky enough to play with all of them at the same time on The Downward Spiral.  The Decoy showed me his exceptional shot, and picked me like a ripe tomato several times in the match.  While Doc Chaser, showing me his 'medical' skills, proceeded to tell me where to shove a claymore.    And SilentJ continued his onslaught with his Aug.  (He is new to Firearms, only has been playing about 1 month)  The games were fast and action packed.   Both teams displayed good teamwork (or appeared to be) and the battles were fierce and unforgiving.

I don't know why, but now to my understanding there isn't a single server that uses Punkbuster.  I know that |sF| Pogo's Playground did use it.    But I was on there today, with my Punkbuster on, and I never got a single message saying that I was authorized.  I sure hope they can eliminate this cheating.    Myself and another guy were accused of using 'armor' cheat.  Cause this guy 'apparently' shot me in the head 4 times.  Well buddy, lets just say that your aim is bad, and you hit my chest.  And with medium armor on, you can't kill me.   I was hurt yes, dead no.  2 totally different things in the world of Firearms.  Dead men don't frag.



- June 4th,2001 -

Firearms action was in full effect with both (all) members of [E&C] hitting the web for some fast paced, high scoring action.  First off, I witnessed a tactical and ruthless side of Christian which I didn't think was possible.  His vicious and ferocious tactics on UB61 scared me, as I saw him frag time and time again.    I know now to watch my six every time I round the corner when I am playing against him.  Later on we teamed up for some big time beat down on The Downward Spiral.   Just one problem I see with this server now, it isn't a Punkbuster server!!  This came as a shock to me, and Christian.  We both thought punkbuster was an excellent program, but someone in the game we were playing said that "It was crashing the server..."  Well lets just hope that they come out with a newer version of Punkbuster.


- June 1st, 2001 -

Well it's me Christian, I'm back... you think you know me!  I got back yesterday and joined a few games of FA.  My first game was awkward... after 8 days off the movement and firing seemed weird.  I got back into it though, and when Edge joined the game it was like old times.  I didn't get much gaming done, but it was solid.    Some FA news includes the team's announcement of the weapon changes for 2.6 which I love.  No aug, no akimbos... I love that their putting the Dragunov in.   I think each change is a good one and as someone on the forums said, this may be the best FA update yet.  Here's hoping.

Other news is I hear our buddy Doc Chaser may be setting up his own FA server.    This will be totally awesome when it comes around and we will definitely keep you posted on that here.

- May 30th, 2001 -

Ok, it might be just be me, but I think cheaters are starting to become more rampant in Firearms more and more.  I was playing on Durandal, and some guy was able to snipe from one side of the map to the other, with the AK on single shot.  Now I know for a fact that the AK is deadly accurate on single shot, but the fact that he could hit guys prone, crouching, running, jumping, from across the map boggles the mind.  He also seemed to know right where you were also, he didn't look around when he popped out his window, he rounded the corner shot, ran back.    Hey, maybe our team was just being 'predictable'  but coupled by the fact that he was talking about 'zoom scripts' during the game, kinda makes me scratch my head.  I just know that I play on The Downward  Spiral when I can, and on other small servers were these l33t HaXoR usually don't go, to show off their cheating ways.


- May 29th, 2001 -

Had some good Firearms games today.  Without Christian around to help me out, I had to find a new ally in the battle against the enemy forces.  Cullyn[SeC] was the one that stood weapon in hand, and together with our combined efforts were able to hold our own in several 2 on 5 situations.  He did some good knife work, and used the artillery wisely.  We were both impressed with eachothers killing techniques, and tried to 'out shine' each other during every match, playing against or on the same team.

Also, in the mid-afternoon, I managed to get a few players angry at me, because I kept killing them with my AK and claymore :)  But this time, they couldn't call me cheater because we were playing on The Downward Spiral,  (I usually get called this, I don't know why.  Almost every game I play, people yell at me or call me cheater!) they made references to placing my claymore and my AK in spots where the sun don't shine!!! I will kept their identity a secret, but I got the screen shot for you folks.

akandclay.jpg (13725 bytes)

I have to say this the second time that I have been 'complimented' (if you want to call it that)

I also hope in the future people will not exploit the parachute bug.  I hope this gets fixed in 2.6, and it really makes things unfair on UB61.


-May 27/28th, 2001-

  I finally got a few games in the past couple of days, I was twitching so bad at work, wanting to lay down some suppressing fire with my AK, that they thought I was having a heart attack.  Got home, checked the ole e-mail, then hit the FA servers with a passion.  Had some good games, nothing spectacular.  But in one game, there were some call guys, from a province in Canada.  To keep their identity a secret I will call them [Stupid Province that doesn't recognize english]  Well these guys, thought it was fun to beat down on some guys on PS_Outdoors, well well well, that all came to a end when Edge [E&C] joined the scene.  My crazy tactics, and claymore's up the Ying, helped even the score till more folks were able to join, to turn the tides on these [Stupid Province that doesn't recognize english]

I was hoping to play a few games with the French Assassin himself, 'The Decoy', but he failed to call me!!

All I can say is I can't wait for 2.6 to come out, then all this weapon balancing issue will come to a close.....


-May 26th, 2001-

  Again only had a chance to play a couple games today, due to a 'cold' or some weird illness.  The one I am going to talk about was the game I played on a Friendly Fire server.  Now, people know its friendly fire when they join the game, no if, and or buts about it.  But how come I got shot up by my teammates as much as the opposing team??  Even though FF is on, they are still chucking grenades around like monkeys, and half the time, our own team got hit by them.  A few guys were laying down suppressing fire with m60's, but they wouldn't let off the trigger when we pressed forward, so a couple shots to the back side with a gun like that means good luck?

  I know Fenris doesn't like the FF servers, because of stuff like that.  I like FF because it adds a bit more 'realism' to the game, I just think they should implement harsher punishment for killing a fellow teammate.


-May 25th, 2001-

  First off it is was only me (Edge/Styker) playing, and it was a bit different.    Without Christian/Fenris and his words of encouragement like 'Shut your mouth' and 'Do you want 1 fist or 2?', I didn't think I could play well.  No farting noises, no falling off chairs, no slamming doors, I couldn't do any of those without Fenris around, who else would laugh at me?  Only had time to play two FA games before the sleep monster snuck up and whacked me over the noggin.  It was a really entertaining game.   I managed to hook up with Rubble, but this time we were on the same team, so he didn't feel the wrath of my AK.  And later on Squirrel Hunter and I had some timeless battles where it seems that neither of us could get the upper hand, and we both finished with ok scores when the dust settled.  He had a wide array of handguns, so most of the time I was shocked more than scared of his arsenal when we came into rushing headlong into mortal combat.

-May 24th, 2001-

    Well as most of you know, WON.net was f-cking with us all over the place.  A DNS problem or something.  This had me literally sitting at my computer and screaming at it for 15 minutes trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  I got a fix from the FA Message boards, but all this did was allow me to access WON again and for some reason I was updating11,000 goddamn servers.  My journey took me to *shudder* Counterstrike.net where I found this little zip on their boards.  I installed it and voila... FA works again and I don't have to update a million servers.   Good thing too, because earlier in the day I was using Gamespy for my FA fix and GOOD LORD does it suck ass.
    Anyhoo, I and Edge got on a great game on ub61 on the S^D FOG server.    This was a pinnacle game folks, even though I died more times than I'm used to (I try not to die more than 15 times a game, I think I had 23 in this one) but man, not to brag, but [E&C] really did themselves proud.  It was a good game to be my last for the next week.  I only hope that I don't suck ass when I get back from holidays next week.  Edge is going solo until then, he'll be fine.  I'll miss you crazy FA guys!  GG's out to Trystan, Gossard and 1stRecon who we both saw on today.    I'll see you guys again next week.

-May 23rd, 2001-

    Well folks, today was a Edge (aka Stryker) only day, so it looks like I will be doing the update!! Muuuhahaha!  I had some decent games today myself.  A slot on the always busy [ECK] server opened up, so I decided to check it out.  Lo and behold, 6 [ECK] members were on there, and folks I am proud to announce that I held my own.   Sure they nailed me time, and time again, but I didn't go down without a fight.  I gave them everything me and my AK could dish and, and we dished it out.  Sure I didn't' do the best on the map (3rd or 4thI think if memory serves me) but that fact that I did that well when there were that many [ECK] guys on, I was surprised.  Sure some of them were new (Fenris pointed that out me) but all in all it was a very good game, hard hitting, good strategy on both teams, and lots of killing:)

    Earlier on the day, I had the chance to play against our arch nemesis, the player who seem to frag us again, and again, and again with NO REMORSE!  This character always seem to have [E&C]'s number, and his phone is set to re-dial.  Yes folks, I am talking about rEeKin=HaVoC.  But I learned something new about him, he doesn't know how to reload!!! Yes, and I have the screen shot to prove it!!  So rEeKin=HaVoC, next time we play, I will know you can only kill me 31 times with your m16, then your mine!!! (I just hope he doesn't know how to switch weapons also)



-May 22nd, 2001-

    We played WAY too much today
    Saw some good guys on though... shout out to Reekin Havoc and the n00bs, Doc Chaser, Rubble and Decoy.  Nice to see these guys into FA and Reek owned me (as per usual).  Me and Edge had a good afternoon, but my play wavered at night until I called it quits.  High spot was an insane 45 and 8 on ub61, without caps factored into score.  I think just about 2 hours of game play is enough for me, I tend to peak after that.
    If you're looking for [E&C] online, you can find us usually on the Downward Spiral, S^D FOG, Thunderpees and [ECK] The Slums... I wish Boson pinged better for us.

-May 21st, 2001-

   We got some more quality time in and I must say, it was a good day for [E&C] on the Downward Spiral, capped off by utter domination of ub61 where I finished 1st, Edge was 3rd (only 3-4 behind me) as we won with 92 reinforcements in reserve... even though we were outnumbered 8 to 5 pretty much the entire map.  No I don't want to gloat, it was just nice to see we still got some skillz after a few days off.  It was good to get back in the field and show the FA crew that [E&C] still got it where it counts.
    In other news, if you check the News page you can see the response we got from Chainsaw regarding out review of ps_prop.  Glad to see he enjoyed our look at his coolio map.
    Days off coming up... more time for FA and Doublegold... see you out there gamers.

-May 20th, 2001-

   Well, before we get to our review, I can say I did get in about 2 hours of FA today.  I haven't seen Stryker (Edge) today, so I have no idea what he was up to.  I started off slow... it's my first game in three days and I lose my edge (no pun intended) fast when I miss a few days.  By the third map cycle though, I was doing alright, capped off my a very nice 11 and 1 run on Mexico.  My sniping was so-so, so I fell back to the M-16 and as always, she came though for me.    Saw [ECK]CoPKiLLa on, and [S^D]Liquidfire.. they were both tearing it up on Downward spiral.  Oh, an Edge tells me he didn't play at all, or just a bit.    Yeah we suck right now, but we'll be back on Monday, Tuesday... double days off!!
    Okay, so I had the opportunity to take a look at Chainsaw's newest FA map, ps_prop.    Now, being the newb that I am, I am not 100% familiar with all of the cool sh-t that Chainsaw has brought us, and this being my first look... well, you can read the review here.  Ha ha!  Yeah, I was just going to fire a quick review in here, but I thought I'd make it all nice and put it in the actual Doublegold Reviews section.    So take a look.

-May 19th, 2001-

    Our page is like totally up.  You can expect some screenshots to be posted here, along with news about the FA community in general and how it applies to Clan [E&C]!
    Like we all know the 2.6 patch is coming up, and much to Edge and Christians joy, augs are totally being nerfed.  This is great for snipers!    Also, Deadpool released a list of bugs being taken care of, incuding the bad bad reload/bandage bug.  Awesome!
    Edge played a bit tonight, but as we are both working hard on the Doublegold website, neither of us had much time to get any gaming done.  With the weekend coming up and Christian taking some time off though, a few hours of FA isn't out of the question in the coming days.  Stay tuned.