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All site related info and text is 2001 J. Meinzer and J. Uchman unless otherwise noted. Games and their prospective logos, slogans and images are their prospective companies.  Yeti doesn't have my stick Bob.  I still hate Peter Forsberg.  Mushroom power.  Scissors, scissors...


    You know, ever since I stumbled upon PvP so long ago, I have come to love these Web Comics.... and there are A LOT of frickin' web comics.  Just go to Big Panda or Keenspot and see for yourself.   Now many of these comics do suck, but some (like ALL the comics below), to put it one way, ROCK THE KIELBASA.  Go on, see for yourself.

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Penny Arcade - A natural step up for us from PvP... it's not better, mind you, just edgier.  Tycho and Gabe say it like it is, and generally have the same views on things that most of us do... only they say it.  Their best comics are anything that involve Mister Naners, the rabid monkey.  The news updates are one of the best features of this site as well... it's got it all.

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PvP - The first one I got into, and still follow.  Scott Kurtz has got a great thing going here and I've watched him go from tentative steps to becoming an ACTUAL business man, making a living off what he loves to do.  Gotta respect that, and you gotta love these characters.

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Big Ones - Okay, while I love all other web comics, Big Ones is the funniest stuff I've seen.  Call it my warped sense of humour, but this stuff cracks me up.  The older stuff is alot better than the new stuff, especially the Nintendo parodies, but I love it all.

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Wendy - Wendy used to be a great comic before artist Josh Lesnick became bogged down by deadlines and other work.  I can identify with that, and when it IS updated, Wendy is good even with all the cheesecake.  Lucy is hot!  Cute Wendy is still funny, and is updated quite regularly.

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8bit Theater - A Stryker favourite.  This comic takes original Final Fantasy characters and puts them into rather funny strips.  8bit brings back all those great FF1 memories, and goddamnit... Black Mage kicks serious ass.  A good community site with a fanboys feel.  Gotta love it.