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Ok folks, I have to say I like those Flash movies that people make.  The time and effort put into making a good flash movie, deserves a pat on the back and a link on our page.  And here are some of the ones that have gathered my attention.  If you know of any (or make them yourself) e-mail me with info.

 new.gif (1513 bytes)Way of the Bullet - Great job done here, gota love gun fights.


Black and White (Actor in Act 3) - You have to play the game to understand this one....

Catapult - Don't click this link if you hate violence or like cats

Dogbest - Ok, I think I have found someone on the web that drinks as much as I do!

Elmo's Got a Gun - (Warning! It contains scenes of violence)

Eskimo Bob - I think that Episodes 13 and 17 are the best, but check them all out.

Hatt Baby - We play this drinking game all the time, but use pants instead.....

Killer Comics - These guys have some good flash movies!

Lobster Magnet - Just check it out.

Morty's Flash Page - Folks this guy is the grandmaster of flash, a must check out!

Ray's Homepage - A couple flash movies here.....

The Poopmachine - For hours of laughter!!

TexLax - I think we sell this at the store I work at.

Unreal Tournament - Very well done, and you gota love the breakdancing.

*(fenris' notes - This is some of the most bizarre and depraved shit I have ever seen online.  The fact that Stryker spends hours downloading this stuff is beyond my ability to think, but here it is.  Seriously, what the fuck is with the Lobster Magnet thing?  We both drink the same water, so it's not that.  I think maybe he was abused... or should be.)