We say bad words here... consider yourself warned!!


MAY 31st 2001 - Patch Day!!!!  The countdown is still on........
Thats right folks, its the 31st so that means the famous Black & White patch should be released today, unless they get backlogged cause of E4 or somthing crazy.  At the time of this writting (6am) they don't have the patch avaible for download, I just hope its ready in a few hours... I don't get up this early for work or somthing.....

The coundown is now at 345,609 seconds till the Anaracy Online Beta. This is of course assuming that the Beta does start on time, that being June 4th, and doesn't get pushed back in any way, shape or form. Also AO has been nominated for "Best Online Multiplayer Game" at the prestigious Game Critics Awards.  This news coming straight from AO themselfs.  Lets hope they take this award home!

There is some new Firearms update, even though I am still sick, and coughing up a lung every 10 mintues, I take the pain and play firearms....for what you may ask? personal pleasure? fun? no... I do it for you, the reader, just so you can read about my crazy adventures, laugh at me, mock me, and frag me...thats why I do it.


-New Firearms [E&C] Update


MAY 30th 2001 - Its the Final Countdown...doo doo de doo
Man I just loved that song, Final Countdown, can't remmeber who sings it...oh well, I am suprised that I can remmeber the name of it, proably because of its catchy tune?

The reason why its the "Final Countdown" is because it is only about 432,781 seconds away from Anaracy Online Beta.  And 29 days away from the release of AO.  Over at AO Lore (which is a very good AO site btw) they state that the official download of the AO beta will not be over 650mb.  650mb? eek I feel sorry for slodem users, they will be banned from AO!

Got a call from Fenris and Silent J today, things are going well on their end, and they should be back on the evening of June 1st.  So look for some BIG (hopefully) updates then.  Cause I am not the news hound that Fenris is......

Today is Tuesday, so don't forget to check out 8-Bit Theater, as they have a new one up, and some cool new links that are a MUST see!


-New Firearms [E&C] Update


MAY 29th 2001 - RAW was WAR, Firearms update, and some game links.
Well, I watched RAW looking for the roadtripers, Silent J and Fenris, but no such luck.  Their RAW seats are not as good as their Smackdown! ones, so lets hope that we can catch them on Thursday.

After poking around the net to my usual sites, I have found out that Neverwinter Nights, the mother of role playing games, has a new trailer out, and can be accessed here.  Also the folks over at Blizzard, has a new Warcraft III trailer out, and you can check that out here.  Fenris was mumbling somthing about how they changed the HP's in War III, and now they have like 50 bagillion, so the wizards can get their spells off.  I don't know where he read this, but I sure hope its not true.  I have played this series since Warcraft I came out year and years ago!!  I played this game non-stop trying to finish as Humans, then once again as the Orcs, then in campain mode, then in multi-player mode, it was worse than a crack habbit!  Warcraft II was almost as bad!  With more troops, larger maps, more units, my heart and blood pressure levels were going crazy.  Now with Warcraft III adding some role-playing elements to the game, lets hope Blizzard dosn't let us down (They havn't yet) and produces another word winning, top notch, Grade A game.

Doc Chaser said he would be hooking me up with a scanner in the next couple of days, he apparently has one 'kicking around' and he failed to let me know??  This is the same guy that is going to buy some heat sinks for his RAM cause it 'looks cool' and takes apart 486 Compaq cases with dust thicker than a human skull, for parts (aka screws).  So with the new scanner, the [E&C] comic will proably get a new look, so don't expect an eposide on Wednesday!!!  If you want one (all 1 of you that read this page) e-mail me and complain.

On a plus note, I whooped good ole Doc at some multiplayer Conker's Bad Fur Day.   The mulitplayer games here are soooo much fun, you gota love the weapons!   Call me the sweedish chef, cause my knifes are gona slice you open.

-New Firearms [E&C] Update
-New Links


MAY 28th 2001 - No word from Fenris, movie review, and a new comic!!!
After this weekends lacking news, monday starts off with a BANG!   Last night, I had the chance to embrace the movie know as The Mummy Returns.  It finally came to our patetic town, after a bazillion weeks after its release, but thats ok.  I get to see the movie, and enjoy it, so screw you all!  You can check out the review and there is also special guest movie commentarty by  Doc Chaser. 

It is Monday which means, RAW.  Thats right folks tonight on RAW we may have a small, minute chance of catching Fenris and Silent J on the old tele.  Lets hope if they can't get on for RAW they will be seen on Smackdown!

We also have the new [E&C] comic up and running.  Now I know its just edited screen shots, and its not that fancy, well this is the first web comic I have ever done, so shut your hole cause breakfast is no longer being serverd, and you are about to get brunched in the face.  We will try our hardest to update this hi-tech comic 3 days a week, and those 3 special days being Mon, Wed, Fri.  The same schedule some gaming masters over at Penny Arcade also use.

Fenris tried calling one day to give me a 'Road Trip Update' or even say 'Hello' but hasn't called back since.  He migh be too angry cause I will have the opportuntiy to get into AO beta before he can get home, mmuuuhahahah the day is mine Trebek... I mean Fenris.  Even though the beta dosnt' begin until the 4th of June, I think they will select me for some pre-beta beta cause, well im crazy.

Again, no time for Firearms as sleep has embraced almost every hour of this day...grrr.....should be better for monday, which means watch out Downward Spiral, cause Edge [E&C] is coming your way with AK in hand!

-New Movie reviews


MAY 27th 2001 - Stryker is still sick, B&W news, oooh the pain!
Ok folks, I am not sure how ill of you have been, but so ill that it hurts to breathe, walk, sit, type, or drink!  But because we have 1 or 2 fans that visit the site on a yearly basis, I will endure through this pain and type somthing that hopefully will appease the masses. 

No firearms and no booze make Stryer go somthing somthing..........
No firearms and no booze make Stryer go somthing somthing..........
No firearms and no booze make Stryer go somthing somthing..........
No firearms and no booze make Stryer go somthing somthing..........
No firearms and no booze make Stryer go somthing somthing..........

As I said yesterday, big Anarchy Online news!!!  You must check it out, everyone that has applied, yes EVERYONE, will get into beta!!  You have to go their site though and make sure your beta e-mail information is correct though.

The long (and super) awaited Black & White patch will be released on May 31st, which is only a few short days away.  I can see that I will not be getting any sleep with AO beta and B&W patch coming out within a week of eachother.......

Fenris tried to call today, but I was sound asleep, so no 'Road Trip Update' just yet.

Any of you that are interested in Matrix news, be sure to check out this link here.   It will bring you up to date on what is going on for the sequel.

- Only news update...eeek!  The pain is too much...


MAY 26th 2001 - Stryker is sick, no Fenris, what will we do?
Well the first thing I plan to do is sleep away the day/night/afternoon and hope this thing you people call a 'cold' goes away soon.  Without Fenris here to catch it from me, what's the point of getting one?

Because of this blasted sickness, I haven't had time to do any work on the site, play a lot of Firearms, or even drink!   Still gunning for the first strip of the comic to start on Monday. 

Big Anarchy Online news, coming directly from the source, concerning beta.  For all of you who have heard about AO, or for those of you that know about AO, you must go there now and read!! (On a side note, for those of you who don't know, Week 23 begins on June 4th (From what an AO fan site says)

-New Firearms [E&C] Updates


MAY 25th 2001 - Fenris gone, New flash link, B&W News
Ok folks, brace yourselves!! I am not the NEWS hound that Fenris is, so bare with me, and I think we both may get through this with only 4 drinks, instead of our usual 5.  As you know Fenris and Silent J have left on another road trip.  This one will see them travel to Edmonton (Don't worry guys, I called the police already) to catch some live RAW and Smackdown!   I saw the signs they made, and let me say, they looked good!  I just hope them bring them back in mint condition, so we can take some pictures of them and let all you non-living-in-the-same-appartment-as-Fenris people see them.

Lionhead has released some new patch info about Black and White.  Because of E3 and some other small problems, the patch isn't going to be released until May 31st.   They also released an official documentation detailing what is going to change in the patch!  I have to say it looks good, and I can't wait for the 31st to roll around.

Unless, but some twist of fate, some crazy chance, that I actually MAKE it into Beta, and receive my Anarchy Online beta e-mail on June 4th.  That's when 'Phase 4' officially begins, and when I start checking my e-mail 50 times a minutes...just waiting...and hoping.  The Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is also being lifted for Phase 4, which means that we will be able to learn LOTS of information about AO.  And last time I checked over at AO Lore, there are only 33 more days left till the official release.

For those of you that don't know, we have a new feature at the site, its the Doublegold Rumble!  Be sure to check out the link on the side.  And also, we are going to start up our very own Firearms Comic!!!  This will be coming next week (If I can get it done in time while Fenris is gone) and we should have a comic up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This will be the first 'comic' that I have done, so bear with me folks.  Although it isn't going to be hand drawn, it will be edited screen shots, it will be full of that stuff you kids like so much, that 'Funny' or 'Humor' or 'Booze' one of the three, probably not all three.

-New Firearms [E&C] Updates
-New Flash Link


MAY 24th 2001 - I'm goin' away!  WON sucks and other updates
Whelp, this is it.  My last news post before the big trip.  By time you read this I will be in a little red car with road guru Silent Jay as we speed off towards our date with destiny in Edmonton Alberta, Capital of Fun!!  I have oodles of cash saved up and I am so ready to unload said cash on mounds of utterly useless sh-t.   we'll be in Edmonton all day on Saturday, and in Calgary on Monday for the RAW is WAR show, then back to Edmonton on Tuesday for the Smackdown! taping.  The day after we're coming home!  Woot.  Yeah its no E3, and theres no Triple H but we're still going to have a blast.  I'll be keeping a Road Journal, I have lots of film and I'll be emailing Stryker with regular updates.  Hell, you may even see us on TV.   We have three big assed signs, one reads "PROVE ME WRONG", another says, "E and C: YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME" and the last reads *ahem* "KENNY LOVES COREY".  Hee hee.  Anyways, as I alluded to early, Stryker will be handling the News posts and all page updates until get back next Thursday.  It will be on that day that we should have the first of our much anticipated interviews ready for you to see.   Cool.

Anyone who plays Counterstrike, or Firearms like us knows that today WON was being a real bitch.   The basic problem was that there was a DNS problem or whatever... basically it f-cked up our ability to play FA.  More about that in our Firearms [E&C] section, but the remedy is here.  Find your woncomm.lst file in your halflife/valve directory and replace it with the file you can download here.  Backup the original to be safe as things may change tomorrow.  This *should* alleviate the problem, but I cannot make any guarantees... it worked for me and Stryker and pretty much everyone else, but it seemed to be a random problem.   Bottomline is WON can kiss my ass as they have always been a pain there.  We didn't even get any official response to the problem... well correction.  People that run dedicated servers got notices, the rest of us were not even worth a post on Planethalflife or god forbid, WON.net.  Ass clowns.

According to various news sites, we have some cool things coming up for Anarchy Online, specifically Beta 4.  First off, the rumoured start date for Beta 4 is May 28th, though Funcom has stated that no official start date has been decided upon.  Other news is that the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement.. meaing you can't talk about the game to the non beta public) is going to be lifted.  Cool.  Also Funcom says it will be admitting Beta testers one chunk at a time to the Beta all the way up until release at the end of next month.  Finally in AO news, Funcom has stated that its monthly account fee will be $12.95.  Thats 2.95 more a month than EQ and AC, but Funcom states that those are old games and these prices are more in line with todays market.  Fair enough.

We are proud to present our first Doublegold Rumble.  The point of this is to stick two random opponents together and have you the reader vote on who will win in this combat.  At the end of the week, the winners will be chosen and move on to fight again the following week.  Check that nonsense out here.

And finally for all of you who mock me for my beliefs.  For all of you who laughed at me.  For all of you that tell me over and over again, "No Fenris, NHL 2001 is not the greatest game ever made!'  For those of you who do not believe in the power of EA Sports Hockey masterpiece, I invite you to click here and be changed forever. (fenris)

-New Firearms [E&C] Updates


MAY 23rd 2001 - Interviews coming, No Triple H and Mech4 Wars
Bingo bango!!  Ole Fenris has been at work in an effort to bring YOU the reader, yes YOU John Everett of 510 Matthews Street, Renton WA 18920, more awesome Doublegold content!!  John, as our only reader we have been endeavoring to make this site as cool as possible for your enjoyment.

Okay, in all seriousness folks, thats just a poke at our minimal traffic right now.  I know (hope) we have more than one regular reader, but as I said I have been working on things to give you a reason to come here again and again.  Thus I and Stryker have been starting to organize some Interviews with members of the gaming community.  I have two lined up right now with a couple of great game community members.  Stay tuned to this page in the future for when these interviews become available.  Trust me folks, this will be well worth it!

Now for some bad news and I do mean bad.  As I have stated before, I am heading to Calgary and Edmonton at the end of the week to see WWF RAW is WAR and Smackdown! live.   Of course the highlight of this trip would be seeing my personal favourite, the Game Triple H live in the arena.  Now we are hearing that Trips has torn ligaments in his leg and may be missing up to three months of action!! Sweet jebus!!  I am so bummed!!  The only reason I am still looking forward to the show is that we should still be able to see Edge and Christian, and hell, it should still be a good show.   Ah, maybe the injury won't be as bad as it initially seems.  Maybe he'll still be at the show in a non wrestling function.   Sigh.  Damn I wanted to hear "It's Time to Play the Game" in the arena.

Last night I did a somewhat unfavourable review of Microsoft's Mechwarrior 4.   As is custom on this site, Stryker will do notes on my reviews as I do on his, and Stryker had a very harsh response to my equally harsh review.  He even went as far as to create two demeaning images belittling my intelligence and representing bodily harm to yours truly.  In response to that, I dusted off my own copy of PSP5 and did my own image depicting a character from a game I consider infinitely superior to Mech 4.   Anyways, the whole thing had boiled far far beyond a simple review and you can read it all here.

Also our bud Raj at Rajahwwf.com presented his weekly News and Rumours update that both I and Stryker read religiously.   You can read those same rumours here and see just why Raj runs the best damn WWF fansite online.

Finally we went to see Josie and the Pussycats tonight and you can read about that in our Movies section. (fenris)

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MAY 22nd 2001 - E3 BEST of SHOW Awards and RAW notes
Well... E3 has come and gone, and in the tradition of bunk websites across cyberspace, Doublegold presents it's first annual I NEVER WENT TO E3 BUT HERE ARE OUR F-CKING AWARDS ANYWAYS Awards.  These are selected by me based on what I like and are generally biased and have no journalistic bearing whatsoever.  Strykers not here to help pick, and he didn't pay jack sh-t attention to E3 anyways except to whine about Black and White and talk gibberish about some mystery patch, so he gets no say in how these awards go.  Anyways, without further whatever, here are your 2001 I NEVER WENT TO E3 BUT HERE ARE OUR F-CKING AWARDS ANYWAYS Awards:

BEST FPS OF SHOW:   Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (Red Storm)

Yeah you thought I was gonna say Planetside or Unreal2 huh?   Well NO WAY MISTER!!  While those games are gonna be neat, they're just eye candy with the same old gameplay.  Ghost Recon is going to be a noticeable upgrade to Rogue Spear with cool team play and interesting mission.  RUNNER UP:  Jedi Knight II

BEST RPG OF SHOW:  Neverwinter Nights (Bioware)

Oh yeah, Star Wars Galaxies looks nice, but with the Verant factor, I am and will remain hesitant utill I am in beta.  If it flies, NWN will be a ground breaking game and NO EQ rehash can top that.  RUNNER UP:  Star Wars Galaxies

BEST SEQUEL OF SHOW:  Star Wars Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight 2 (Lucasarts / Raven)

Yeah baby, Raven was in full effect at E3 and this is gonna be one helluva game.  Jedi Knight was and still is one of the best games ever made.  I can tell JK2 will be a winner as well.  RUNNER UP:  Civilizaton III


Like there was any doubt!  NHL 2002 0wnz j00!!  RUNNER UP:  NHL 2002


This is the greatest game series in PC history.  "Osgood stones him!!"   RUNNER UP:  Like I have to type here.

BEST GAME NOT COMING OUT:  Duke Nukem Forever (3D Realms)

They showed a movie this year.  They showed a movie last year.  Another one before that.  If Duke Nukem Forever EVER comes out, I will buy TWO copies and give one away on this site, I swear it.  It ain't happening.  RUNNER UP:   Lets just say Teamfortess 2, even though they never showed it.


We already have this screenshot on the News post, but hell here it is again. 

Oh mommy, get my geforce3!

RUNNER UP:  Everquest booth 'ho.  (Not a Screenshot per se, but what the hell...)

eqslut.gif (18908 bytes)


This was tough, but goddamn Lucas game in fast and they came in hard.   Star Wars Galaxies, Jedi Knight 2, Galactic Battlegrounds, Knights of the Old Republic... Lucas is set to make f-ckloads of money in the next two years thanks to these games.  Signing Bioware and Raven to deals to develop further shows that Our Man in Flannel is looking to have his gaming division rebuild after two years of ass games.  RUNNER UP:  Bioware

BEST GAME OF E3:  NHL 2002!!

no just kidding...

BEST GAME OF E3:   Neverwinter Nights (Bioware)

This was close... but NWN as I said before is just going to be revolutionary.  Plus my god, look at this f-cking screenshot.  LOOK!!!!

nwn01.gif (11587 bytes)

Graphics this good, a fully customizable character, a world design toolset, ability to set up your own perpetual gaming world... my God, how can you not be into this!?  Plus it's Bioware and Bioware NEVER lets you down my friend.   Black Isle/Bioware has yet to make a game I have not utterly loved.  Fallout 2 remains one of the best games I have ever played, and lets not get started on Baldurs Gate 2.  I had that game in my pants for christ sakes.  I stand by my prediction that NWN wil be one of the biggest games ever.  Mark my words.   RUNNER UP:  Star Wars:  Knights of the Old Republic

Other news...

I missed RAW is WAR today.  Its not anyones fault mind you, just a miscommunication.  Me and Stryker get together at Doc Chaser's house every Monday for our WWF fix, but something went wrong and he was 15 minutes late getting home.. so we missed it.  It looked like a good one too, with Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit defeating Steve Austin and Triple H for the tag team titles.  Of course next week I'll be watching RAW Live in Calgary hehe, so I'll be seeing it all and it will be, in a word, awesome.  I hear the WWF puts on a great show.

Now everyone knows my favourite WWF site is Rajahwwf.com.  Well disturbing news from Raj.. the WWF has come after him for his domain name, claiming he has no right to using the WWF brand name.  As much as I love the WWF, this is corporate bullsh-t and I don't see what the WWFE has to gain by it?  Raj has one of the biggest WWF fansites on the frickin web and shutting down the domain will only cast a huge negative light on the WWF.  As Raj said though, he is working on a peaceful solution.  I hope this works out, and we'll keep you posted.  Raj has set up a mailing list to inform readers as to any changes in Rajahwwf.com status, which is a smart idea.   Anyways, to read exactly what Raj had to say and to sign up for the mailing list, go here. (fenris)

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MAY 21st 2001 - Small Sunday Update
No really big news today as both Gamespy and IGN had no E3 coverage... of course the expo is over, but the best part is yet to come... the Best of Show awards.   Doublegold will have it's own Best of Show awards for E3...you can see those tomorrow.  Tune in!

The WWF presented their May Pay Per View today, but of course I missed it as I had to work.  Stryker did see the event though and he said it was, "Pretty good..." and he gives it 6 1/2 Ted McGinley heads out of ten.   I have it on tape and will probably watch it tomorrow before RAW.  Stryker says the highlight was Kane beating the Game, Triple H for the Intercontinental Title.   Me, the worlds biggest HHH fan is a little disappointed in seeing Trips do the J-O-B again, but all for the advancement of a good product.

I'm a little bummed too.  The Toronto Raptors lost Game 7 to the Sixers by one point as Vince Carter bounced one off the rim as the buzzer sounded.  It was a fun, fun game to watch though , but I would have liked the Raptors to have been on the other side of the 88-87 score.  Next year.... if they keep Carter... next year could be the year.

I'll be doing some work on the site now as I am at the start of a 15 day holiday.   Of course a good portion of that will be me travelling to Calgary and Edmonton to see WWF RAW is WAR and Smackdown! live (woot).  While I'm gone Stryker will be doing the news updates.... *shudder*... no, I'm sure things will be fine.  Just expect a lot of drinking references.  Anyways, before I leave on the trip I should have some more reviews, previews and I'm even working on an interview with some members of the gaming community.  That should be very cool.

I got an email back from Chainsaw this morning after I told him about our review we did yesterday.  Here's what he had to say:

a few notes on design, currently working on:

the bases are being changed as the middle parts were purely temp, more realism rather than that huge concrete thing in the middle, more of that fifties charm

mix of SD/TC/CTI and possibly push, hard primary and hard->easy secondary goals

nicer, not so square entrances and passages

more pleasant and useful water route

terrain for both side routes, slightly bent rather than straight as is now terrain for main field as the view distance is so high it doesn't look good

some more textures

eye candy galore

Thanks for the info Chainsaw.  Can't wait to see the finished product! (fenris)

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MAY 20th 2001 - Yes, MORE stuff from E3 as the expo winds down, plus...
I'm tired so todays update contains 50% more suckiness.

In my opinion, it was an up and down day at E3 with some really cool stuff coming down the pipe, and some really ass stuff.  Lets start with the ass.

I don't know if you're into hype, but I've been hearing a lot about World War II:Online.   While an interesting idea, something just doesn't click for me.  Maybe its the same hangup I have with Planetside.  Anyhoo, while I didn't expect too much, I did expect better than this:

ww 2 online

That is bucking fugly kids!!  Yes, I know in an online game you sometimes have to sacrifice graphics for gameply.. but sh-t!!  I'll play Firearms or Tribes 2 or anything else... Deerhunter 3D has better graphics!!  No offense to the creators who put time into making this game, but... goddamn!  On to prettier things.


Return to Castlewolfenstein anyone?  Don't mind if I do.   Now while my mind is more waiting for Doom 3 or whatever it's going to be called, I *trust* id software to put out a pretty game.  Now, will it be cool though?  Will it kick ass?  That remains to be seen my friends.

Red Storm is finally retiring the aging, but servicable Rogue Spear engine in anticipation of their next game, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.  Now all respect to Tom, but has he ever played one of "his" games before?  Anyways, from what I've seen the new engine is great and if this game plays anything like Rogue Spear, it should be a hit.  Bigger maps more focused on outdoor play, plus new mission types and weapons make this one to keep an eye on.  Knowing my love for killing things, I'll probably pick this up.

More Bioware, as the revealed some screenshots for the BG2 expansion pack, Throne of Bhaal.  Like I acre.. seriously, the expansion pack could be a buggy screensaver and a new cursor and I'd *still* buy it.  Bioware, save your screenshots and press releases.  Just send me a box with something in it and charge me 49.99.

I'll bet I had more to write about E3, but I'm going to forget about it and just skip to the notes... of which there are few.

-Civilization III.  The hype around this game will be insane, so I'll just go out ona limb and say it will never live up to it.  I'm sure it will still be excellent though.
-Deus Ex 2 to be released on console first.  You know what?  You know I'm not happy about that.  Not one f-cking bit.  Gr, lets just hope this garners the Ion Storm team the rewards it deserves.  I'll see Sony in hell.
-The code name for Lionhead Studios (Black and White) newest game?  Dimitri.   Ooo.  Moving on...
-More stuff on Max Payne and Soldier of Fortune 2... all very cool and I'm sure these games will smoke.  Honest.  I just can't think of anything nice to write about them right now.

Other NON E3 things...

First off this regards Tripod.   Tripod sucks.  Yes I know, and I know all about the errors the pages will load with... it's not me, it's not you... it's Tripod.   Just reload the page and it should work... eventually.  I'm not happy with the situation, but Tripod treats me well otherwise.  If you DO know of any other hosts out there with more consistent service, or you are some saintly server host who would want to take on a fledgling rant site, email me.  Other than that, hang tough with us while we try and work out the kinks.  We're already pricing out "real" hosting options, so stay tuned.

Next, I had the opportunity to review Chainsaw's new Firearms map called ps_prop.   It's just a beta, and you can read my review here.   Ted McGinley heads and all.

Finally, as you can see the content of the page is slowly starting to fill up... come back and look around often, give us some feedback.  We want this page to grow, and it can only do so with help from others.  Word of mouth works.  Thanks for supporting Doublegold. (fenris)

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MAY 19th 2001 - Cool, cool stuff from E3
More stuff from IGN because Gamespy for one reason or another has no updates... this is by FAR the coolest day of E3... observe.

NHL 2002!!   Mmm, eat it baby!  EA's newest offering of the single most greatest sports game on PC was shown on the floors today and while there's not much in the way of big overhauls, good god it's NHL 2002!! (yes, bold font and exclaimation marks are necessary).  On a bad note, the old team of Bill Clement and Jim Hughson, replaced by um Don Taylor (who?).  But the cool, COOL thing is this... Don will remember things from past games and add them to his commentary.  How f-cking cool is that!?  So when I play Detroit and I beat the living piss out of Colorado, Don will say "Man, Detroit sure beat the living piss outta the Avs last time they met up."  That, in a word, rocks.  Add in some new AI fixes (always good) and a new breakaway cam, things look solid for next years edition of NHL 2002!!

Also, just what I was looking for... a sh-tload of Neverwinter Nights screenshots were shown as Bioware was in FULL EFFECT in the mother f-cking hiznouse (see below).  While IGN told me nothing about the game I didn't already know, I still love to hear about how the game makes people hard just looking at it.  All bow to Bioware!  All bow to Black Isle!

Oh, you want more Bioware!?  Well, how about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?!  Thats right people, it's Baldurs Gate meets Star Wars and only good, good things can happen.  From what I read, this game is going to ROCK, eben though it's not slated to come out until late 2002.  Boo!  You manage a party of three characters... party makeup is tight, but this is Star Wars folks.   It's Luke, Han and that chick.  It's all good.  The story that Bioware unveiled is a little mysterious, but the gist of it is that the Republic has layed the smack down on the Sith and suddenly all these dark jedi are popping up looking to exact some revenge.  Basically, there will be some serious Jedi on Jedi action in this game!  Uh, feel it!

MORE Star Wars... Lucasarts 0wnZ E3.  Lucasarts and Raven Software (Soldier of Fortune, Elite Forces) are teaming up to make... drum roll please... Star Wars Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II.  Kyle is back bitches, and this game, given Raven's track record, will be frickin' awesome.  No screenshots are available to the public, but the game uses the sexy Quake3 engine and from the demo that was shown of a six person light saber fight, the graphics are NOT lacking.  They're pumping out twice the polygons that they got from Elite Forces, and going by how good that game looked... I cannot wait.  Due for release next year, this is the coolest thing I read about the game... multiplayer co-op mode!  Yes, co-op mode rules!

OTHER E3 Notes...

-Diablo II: Lord of Destruction was shown at the show today.  Well, whoopee.  Okay okay, its kinda cool but I've already done the Beta thing and finished it.  Yes, the new additons are cool, and the expansion will be worth buying, but I won't give it anymore than that.  Recycled creatures, recycled creatures, recycled creatures.
-Halo demo shown.  X-Box only.  Why not just stab me in the nuts?
-Survivor: The Australian Outback Interactive Edition was shown as well.   God, you know this is going to sell more copies than Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  This is the dark side of gaming folks.. or should I say dork side?   Published by Infogrames, the source for ass games worldwide.  These people should be lead into the street and shot.  Shot a whole bunch of times.
-Sims Online?  Will Wright is a smart, smart man.  Will Wright is a rich, rich man.  Paying a monthly fee to play a game where I play a regular person... lines of logic have been broken somewhere, but this game equals $$$ all the way.
-Earth and Beyond screenshot shown below.  Oh, me so horny. (fenris)

Earth and Beyond.. kill your friends in space


MAY 18th 2001 - Random E3 Thoughts
Just checking Gamespy's coverage of E3 that you can find here, and well... first off, and I know this is petty, but Verant can take it's Gnome Luclin screenshots and stick them where the sun don't shine.  As much as I despise Everquest, I wanted to see just how slutty they had the dark elf chicks looking with the new graphics upgrade.  So what do I see?  F-cking scenery and goddamn gnomes.

Then there's the side of Verant I like.  I know, that sound odd if you know me (burn in hell Brad McQuaid), but after reading that Anthony "Sunsword" Castoro is lead design on Star Wars Galaxies, along with a bunch of other Meridian 59 and UO alumni I was a bit less hesitant to write the game off..  NO EVERQUEST PEOPLE!  Well, that I could see.  Bad Brad may show up later.  But I mean, as good as the design team can be, can they overcome Verants reputation as... whats a good word?  Nazis!?   I hope they can, because when the screenshots look this good:


...and you add in the whole Star Wars thing, it just may... may be cool.  And then again, it may suck sour frog ass.  Until it comes out two years from now though, I'll be playing Anarchy Online thank you very much.  Speaking of which, IGN had nothing but good things to say about the demo Funcom brought to E3, which is good considering the reports from the Beta community about just how buggy the game is in Phase 3.  Rumour has it Beta 4 starts via download after E3... I'm taking some time off next week :) I think I know what I'll be doing.

There was some sort of debate going on between the three major console companies representing the Nintendo Game Cube, Microsoft X-Box and of course Sony's Play Station 2 with Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO Kazuo Hirai essentially saying "PS2 r0x0rz, you guys sUx0rz."  Well, okay he DID say that he believes that the real question isn't what is the top rated console, but what the second best console will be.  Like how arrogant is that?  Other than the fact that PC's rule, I stand by the notion that X-Box is going to smoke the living f-ck out of the PS2.  My one big question is... what's up with the Gamecube?  We hear nothing about them, and you gotta be worried about the quiet guys.  Hmm, notice how I said three major companies?  I feel bad, because goddamnit I liked the Dreamcast.   I'll see Sony in hell.

Other notes...

-Mattel and TDK Mediactive working on a console/PC based Robotech game!?   F-cking A!  I hope.  Things like this tend to lead to disappointment.
-Activision announced the opening of Return to Castlewolfenstein's website which you can see here.   Yeehaw, now I can sleep.
-3D Realms shows a Duke Nukem Forever movie in hopes of tricking us into think that the game is actually coming out.  Haw Haw, nice try guys... maybe next year.
-Something about Age of Wonders 2.  Great.  While the original was kinda nice, lets be serious... it is no Masters of Magic.  M.O.M. ruled, and all others pale in comparison.  Come on Microprose!  Screw Masters of Orion... we want M.O.M. 2!!
-As cool as Unreal 2 is, Planetside doesn't do it for me.  Nice looking, but Verant + Paying to play with people named SUPA-SNYPAH = me needing to lay down.
-No sign of Bioware yet.  Lets get a Neverwinter Nights release date! (fenris)


MAY 17th 2001 - DOUBLE GOLD is Online!
Yeah I know, you're all excited.  And now I'm supposed to explain what this is.  Well, hum... I guess you can say this is the place where I come to shout out to the world in general.  And if you have any interest in 1) Games, 2)Movies, 3)having the Colorado Avalanche team jet crashing into the Rocky Mountains, then maybe you'll find something of interest here.  If not, you can go here.  But I'm sure we can all get along otherwise... well I hope so.  Well, I don't really care either way.  Cheers! (fenris)

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