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June 26th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)ARE YOU TRAPPED?  HERE'S WHY...
iconao.gif (2239 bytes)
Stuck in a shop or n00b zone in AO and missing the action?  Here's what's going on, supposedly word from the devs themselves.
The dev team has found a key error that they believe has been causing lots of the server instability issues, and have taken the servers down for a quick patch. They should be back up soon so we can resume the end-of-beta event!

Bahhh I want to spend my money, use my swords and drive my frickin car!


June 26th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)PH3@R ME!
iconao.gif (2239 bytes)
The folks in charge of Anarchy Online... yeah, those fun guys, have just updated the login message for the client launcher.  It now reads:

[2001-06-26] The world is coming to an end

All characters in the database have been upped to experience points equivalent to level 75 and credits to 10 million. This should get you a long way. To become level 75 you need to acquire at least 1 experience point on your own. Once you get your first experience point your character will level to 75. Have fun and remember that there are no PvP limits above level 75 so be careful on whom you trust. Omni-Tek is not always YOUR friend!

On behalf of the AO team and all of Funcom, thank you for making our beta a success.

- Tommy Strand
Producer and Lead Designer

The post also included this picture:

1moredayleft.jpg (14018 bytes)

Anyhoo, it's 9:50 am PST still, the servers are not supposed to be up until about 10:10, so I will be working on our AO page until then... it is coming along very nicely and should be up by the end of the week.  I'll see you folks in Rubi-Ka in an hour or so... I'll be the Clannie killing your ass, Omni bitch!


June 26th, 2001
iconturbine.gif (2340 bytes)
Pretty much the biggest AC Announcement since the game went retail... yeah, you're gonna have to pay for it, but knowing Turbine, it'll be so worth it.  Here's the official word from Asheron's Call.com:
Microsoft today announced that the Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty Expansion Pack will be available this holiday at retail locations throughout North America. The first of its kind for the franchise, this expansion pack includes the original Asheron's Call as well as many new features and a compelling new landmass. Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty will be available at retail for only US$19.95 and will include one free month of play.

"Turbine is very excited about the expansion pack, and our continued relationship with Microsoft. The Asheron's Call franchise is a very important part of our company," noted Jeffrey Anderson, President and CEO of Turbine. "We are firmly committed to developing and delivering high-quality online entertainment."

The Expansion Pack delivers on new additions such as housing and storage, two of the features most requested by our customers. Players will be able to purchase their own homes on designated plots of land, as well as use their residence for secure storage purposes. The Expansion Pack also kicks off the next chapter in the on-going Asheron's Call story-line by introducing the island of Marae Lassel. Marae Lassel is a sprawling new landmass which will contain new quests, dungeons, and treasures and will be accessible to all levels of players who purchase the Asheron's Call Expansion Pack.

Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty builds upon the epic, evolving storyline by paving the way for the return of an old nemesis. "We don't want to give everything away," says Nik Davidson, producer of the Expansion Pack, "but suffice to say that the name of the expansion pack is a big clue."

"Microsoft is making a significant investment in Asheron's Call with both the expansion pack and in the sequel to Asheron's Call which we announced earlier this year," explained Matthew Ford, Lead Program Manager for Asheron's Call.

I can only really touch on the implications here... well, the days of muling may be at an end if this turns out to be anything like it is implied to be.   Certainly houses are going to cost a sh-tload of pyreals, and there will probably be land fees, etc.  The coolest application here will be how are these houses going to work out on Darktide (PvP)?  Interesting days ahead for AC, for sure.  The update is set to come out at Christmas of this year.  Anyway, here are two screenshots from the site of (I assume) two sample houses.  Cool.

achouse01.gif (10521 bytes) achouse02.gif (9575 bytes)

As for the storyline, it looks like it will be the return of Bael'zharon which I have to way is weak.  As detailed as the story was, like a WWF angle, it became drawn out, boring, and shadows were just a really lame pick for the "forces of evil.  So while I'm not at all keen on the return of BZ, houses are cool and I'm sure Turbine has a lot more in store for us in this release, which we'll keep you updated on.

Finally, for some more information on the "Dark Majesty" release, click here to read an interview with Turbine President and CEO, Jeff Anderson.


June 26th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)AO PATCH NOTES
iconao.gif (2239 bytes)
Not wanting to be left out of MMORPG news, it was a hefty day for Anarchy Online as they released their 11.4 patch dubbed, "the Launch patch".  11.4 was made along with 11.3... as far as I can tell, game changes were made in 11.3 and 11.4 was the finalized version for beta as it reset our servers and added the "retail" items to the game... like the icon when you log in, a nicer looking character creation screen and other features to be noted later.  These are the notes we just got upon logging in with the 11.4 patch:
We have now stopped to count the release in days and have gone over to hours even though there are still 2 days left. In the works for making the launch day as painless as possible we want to make a general rehearsal with the introduction of a new 11.4 patch also know as the launch patch.

A total character wipe has been performed to simulate that a fresh start, as we will have on the 27th. The rehearsal will then escalate into a beta event where all characters are upped to level 75 with millions of credits. All characters created before Tuesday 26th at 12 noon (EST) will be upped. All those not with buffed characters at that time, will be unable to participate in the event.

Also, here is what changes were made with the 11.3 patch (long, but informative):

- Mouse-turn added!
- Rebalancing of profession.
- Camera FOV changed. By popular demand.
- More mission rewards and mission types…
- PvP system changed!
- Problems losing items from toolbar fixed!

Changes from 11.2 to 11.3

RPG, Balance etc.
- Rebalance of cost of increase of skills for professions. (I'll explain this in some detail as to the major influx of new players lately J )
o We are preparing for launch, and have yet again gone through all the skills and abilities. This has led to a lot of minor changes to the characters. You might notice that the cost of increasing a skill has in/decrease. This might make your skill impossible to increase for some levels as your maximum has increase. Or, it might make you able to increase a skill a lot right now. This might lead you to lose some IP, or gain some, compared to what you would have at the same level normally. You will have to put up with these. The alternative would be a character wipe…
o The maximum amount abilities (strength, intelligence etc) can be increase each level is reduced from 4 to 3. I perfectly well understand this might seem irritating. Please remember we are still in beta, though. It also corresponds with the other changes made to armour.
The reason for this is that people spent too many IP's on abilities to wear high level armour too early. (Or to put in implants…) The reason players did this was to compensate for that armour was underpowered compared to what the damage the monsters did.
I want (I being Gaute) people to be able to "develop hobbies" among their skills. (Like trade skills...) When too many IP's was spent on "unnecessary" abilities, everyone was always short on IP's.
o Armour AC increased with 26%. All armour should have had its effect increased with 26%. This will make you no less effective against the monsters at lower levels and much more effective at higher.
- All special attack requirements in weapons reduced.
o All skill requirements on weapons due to special attacks (like burst, full-auto and dimache) have had their skill-requirement level reduced. The amount depends on how "powerful" and "Integral" part of a weapon the special attack is deemed. Full-auto is considered an important part of an assault rifle. Dimache is not considered an important part of a sword.
- Primary weapon skill requirements increased, secondary somewhat reduced. If a weapon demanded two skills to wield it (Long Range Energy weapons skill and Assault Rifle for instance) this patch will increase cost of the primary skill and reduce cost of the secondary. This means you might suddenly not be able to use your weapon any more, or that another might be usable all of a sudden…
- Some water exploits fixed.
- Some more cell scanners corrected. (PF 790, 791)
- Escort character missions should now work. Retrieve items missions should now work again after the last patch where they got broken.
- The same level trap as your character should no longer instantly kill nano-tech / nano-mages. Still remember to look for them…
- All implants changed. New information that should make it easier to see what nanoclusters you can add. Some broken skills removed. Names should now be consistent with enchantments.
- 2 Skills renamed. Entangle weapons renamed to "Heavy weapons". Climbing renamed "Adventuring". Skill costs updated.
- Changed difficulty of monsters in underground areas. The AI will try to make it easier for you if you are soloing, and not gang too much up on you. This should make missions easier.
- Reduced damage from toxic water. Lower level characters shouldn't die in a matter of seconds any more. You might just make it to the shore ;) (Self-illuminating green stuff.)
- Randomization of mission rewards increased. Mission reward "camping" should be more interesting :p
- The "Perminate" missions should now work. (Perm(anent) (T) erminate. As in locking NPC from respawning… Check your evil-slider :p)
- The level of the treasure reward should be the level of your character if you choose a normal difficulty mission.
- Bow special attack added. Fast attack special attack added. Sneak attack is back in. If you are "unseen" by the monster, you can sneak attack it. This gives a greatly increased chance of critical against the monster.
- A bunch of irritating item bugs fixed:
o The book of knowledge should no longer delete itself upon closing.
o The items with charges (ammo, healing kits) should have the correct number of charges in treasures.
o Map items no longer require you to target yourself to use it.
o The merits should level and delete themselves.
o Higher level merits should show "power effects" on use.
o The time to swap implants in the stationary implant enabler increased to 5 minutes.
o Two handed weapons should not be wieldable in left hand any more.
o The Burst of Speed Stim should not be stackable for ever.
o The Angel of Night should no longer freeze the opponent.
- Mission rooms should no longer be totally black. (Like in the old subways no longer operational on Rubi-Ka.)
- Mission areas should now always be open to the player. You should no longer wait for ever at the door, with nothing happening.
- Some mission styles have had their doors corrected to fit the look.
- The "missing rooms" inside the missions are fixed. No black holes in the world.
- Mission item cleanup should work more logically now.
- Several damage debuffs run on your character will not reduce damage below 0, and end up healing your opponent.
- New PvP system:
o A "free PvP limit" is now set to level 75. All characters lvl 75 to 200 can freely interact in Player Made conflict without level restrictions. (The low levels are still protected. And, remember, you do not have to participate in the conflict. Enough areas with suppression gas exists for everyone…)
o All items gained since last cell-scan can be looted off the body from a PvP kill. This means that you will never lose your favourite equipment. All else is since last scan is up for grabs. Note: if you lend your items to some other character, the item loses its insurance!
o Conflict PvP Ranking added. All characters get a ranking that corresponds to how successful they are in participating in the conflict. (This means that this PvP option is only available to Omni-Tek employees and clan rebels.) This ranking is loosely based around the Chess ranking system.
o Conflict PvP Rank Title added. If you are successful enough, your name will get a title when targeted.
o In teams the restriction of level apply as if the lowest level in one team is checked against the highest in another.
o You cannot enter a team after a team has entered a conflict PvP contest.
o Teams from different sides are viewed as neutrals. This means they cannot engage in conflict-combat. (In the political (25% gas level) areas) (They can of course defend themselves.)
- Removed a bug that gave the player a continuous resurrection shock.
- Made you keep your Maximum NCU count after you zoned.
- Fixed problem with client loosing track of the available belt slots after zoning.
- Removed a bug where execution of a nanoformula got broken if you where healed during battle.
- The gun can now be re-loaded manually (again). Both then, and during battle (with automatic reload) the correct timing of the reload will be shown as a timer on screen.
- The NPC's and monsters running nano-formulas will now randomize which one they execute more, not only chain-executing their favourite.
- Fall damage in water removed.
- Corrected the bug with the agent change-profession-nanos. You should now be able to access the other professions nano programs, and go back to being yourself afterwards.
- Corrected bug where NPC's interrupted their own nano-execution, and would never execute again…
- You are now able to refresh a nano formula without getting the "out of NCU's" message.
- Wearing of items, and taking them off now disabled in the Grid.
- Removed problem of ammo of weapons not being saved to the client when moving from one playfield to another. This would mean you gun would empty or fill up after zoning.

System and stability
- As you may have noticed there has been almost daily server patches that dealt with server stability.
- Removed crash bug where camera was no longer active. This resulted in a lot of client crashes.
- Removed a lot of client freezes where the client would hang not drop back to login when the server you tried to changed to was down.
- Optimized the displaying of clothes on the client. This should result in better performance on a crowded day. Still, remember to use your clod-settings if you have problems with framerate in the cities.
- In addition a lot of crashes relating to technical aspects of programming (memoryhandling and such) has been fixed. Just mentioning them here to give credit to the team working heroically to remove even more bugs!
- Fixed a crash when zoning with an open container.
- Fixed a problem when selling worn implants.

Graphics, Sound and Gui.
- Mouse turn added! You can now use the mouse to turn while you move both in 1st and 3rd person. Use ctrl+right-mouse button to access old "look around while you move" mode. (Many people liked it…) This effect now also works while flying. You go where your nose points…
- Camera mode indicator added. This will show your current camera mode.
- Remember to use F8- to toggle 1st / 3rd person and ctrl+F8 to "triggle" modes in 3rd person. (Yes, there is a new 3rd person camera mode. A totally rigid camera mode…) All indicators found on lower bar.
- Battle mode indicator added. Sometimes it might be difficult to know if you have actually entered battle.
- Connectivity indicator added. The amount of lag/latency is shown in a simple icon on the bottom row.
- New Field of View added. Now sporting the normal "1st person" Field of View (90 degrees) for better overview inside buildings.
- Camera "mode reset" default key swapped with "camera save" key. The new setting is numpad-5 for reset, and numpad-7 for save. Delete your client preferences for this to take effect
- References now correctly transmitted through text. When someone tried selling an item, it showed the wrong Info-Item. It should now be correct.
- Nice clouds now on as default. They should also be visible (if not disabled) even though the visibility range is set to minimum.
- Removed the sliding characters if you tried executing a nano program while running.
- Added more help on how to access the various loot modes. They are found I "/teamhelp". You can also type "/team loot" to get something meaningful about your current mode of loot access.
- Boots and glows now showing even if you wear a trench-coat.
- Giving more output when items are added to your inventory while it is full. (30 items is maximum. Put more into containers.)
- Fixed so that closed doors actually open visually when you move close to them.
- Locked doors should stay locked. This may result in some missions being difficult to resolve. Then again, breaking and entering will become a more useful skill.
- Type of government / leadership will now be shown in the clan information.
- Your team-level will now be shown at a correct level.
- Ctrl-c will copy last 20 lines of chat into clip-board.
- A lot of stats, modifiers and weird stuff now have their correct description in the information window. (Like your "energy damage modifier").
- Grenade Ammunition added to some weapons.
- Information about No-droppable and Unique items available in inventory view.
- Function of the planet map updated, and improved.
- Jumping animation improved to include landing from jumps.
- All weapons should now have sound.
- Dimache and brawl got sound.
- Fixed timer on client so that night-music will come during night. Tweaked also the "day and night periods" of music.
- Changed the formula for deciding which types of battle music will play when. Should result in a bigger range of music being played during battle. (Music now changes as the client tries to decide how the battle is turning for you.)
- Added an option setting which lets you disable only the battle music.
- Added proper fog parameters to cards that do not support W-Fog. This shall remove a LOT of crashes on clients running Voodoo cards.
- Changed the way the sound of the character feet is played. The sound of the bridge should be heard when crossing it, not "splat" from the water below.
- Mission coordinates from an uploaded mission now kept when going from one playfield to another.
- The bug of losing items from toolbar when going from one playfield to another fixed.
- Fixed the bug of banks and remains of characters only showing the first 16 items.
- Overhead damage and other overhead text now visible (again) on the left hand side of the screen. (Just above the chat window).
- You now get a message when trying to stack to items of same type, but of different levels. This is impossible, you see.
- The cost of insurance now added to info-view when you select the cell-scanner.
- Changed some of the rendering options.
- Added game statistics to include references to GMT for easy inter continental communication and also ingame time.
- Added new chat way to switch your chat channel typing. You do it like this:
o /channel vicinity (/ch v)
/channel team (/ch t)
/channel organization (/ch o)
/channel whisper (/ch w)
- More feed back in the client when a transition failed from one playfield to another.
- An item not removable from wear view (like the "luck ring") can now be traded or sold to remove it.
- You now get more feedback when your nano-points are increased.
- Items are now automatically stacked on loot if there is another item in the inventory it can stack with.
- You now get output of the number of bullets you hit with during an full-auto special attack.
- The "travel" effect between the executor and the target will not show if the formula is interrupted or fumbled.
- The running effect of a nano-formula will now disappear correctly when the same nanoformula was executed twice or more times on the character. (No more permanent "frozen" glass effects when you run around, in other words…)
- Made doors not close when someone is standing in the doorway.


June 26th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)WE GOT BOX!
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
In celebration of us getting our shiny new copies of AO, along with our brand new webcam, we have a nifty shot of me and Stryker with our boxes, exclusively for our loyal DG readers! (that's me on the right).

wc01.jpg (25634 bytes)


June 26th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)DON'T LIKE IT!? MAKE YOUR OWN GAME GODAMMIT!!
iconpasttree.gif (4529 bytes)
This is one of the cooler things I have seen online.   Past Tree has designed the MMORPG Creation Kit which is available on their website.  Looking over the thing, I have to say I am impressed.   Here are some of the features listed in the site introduction:

Now the world's very first MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) Construction Kit can be yours!

Fans of pen & paper RPGs, game hobbyists, aspiring designers, and anyone interested in building the fantasy world they've always dreamed of, here's your chance!   Introducing the world's first MMORPG Construction Kit

Create and host your very own massively multiplayer online world. It's simple and easy to use and comes with everything you need to build, edit, and host your own persistent online world.  With the MMORPG Construction Kit you can:

  • Build your own world maps using over 4000 tiles for limitless combinations!
  • Populate the world with hundreds of NPC's, weapons, armor, items, magic, and monsters!
  • Create your own quests!
  • Make your own monsters, spells, weapons, armor, magical items, and more!
  • Make player friendly or player killer worlds!
  • Customize all character stats!
  • Includes in-game chat system so communication is quick and easy!
  • Includes an entire pre-built world and sample game (Trinity of Darkness) so you can begin play immediately!

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98
  • 233 MHz Pentium II
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 4 MB video card
  • 16-bit sound card
  • 650 MB of free hard drive space
  • Multi-Player: TCP/IP, 56 kbps modem(Internet Service Provider required for Internet Play)

We'll be looking at the Kit and any news on it from Past Tree in the coming weeks.


June 26th, 2001
iconshadowbane.gif (2406 bytes)
The official Shadowbane site has an interesting Monday post, as a new Dev Journal has been started.  This week, it features 3D artist Hezrael and his work on a new adventuring realm, the Vampire Lord's Keep (oooooo, scary!).   Anyhoo, to read the journal in full, click here

Oh yeah, Wolf Pack still doesn't have a publisher.  This game may never come out.  ever heard of Dawn folks? EVER HEARD OF DAWN!?!


June 26th, 2001
iconfa.gif (1257 bytes)
Some quick updates for our favourite Half-Life Mod, Firearms.  First off, we see a screenshot of the new Llama-Removal System at work here... sweet, you know this is gonna be ever so handy.  Here's the shot:

llamarem.gif (23389 bytes)

Also, we have a shot of the new Dragunov that is being implemented for RC 2.6.  This should be the final model wt/ skin.  Looks very very nice guys!

dragunov.jpg (5488 bytes)


June 26th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NOTES...
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Oo, big news day huh?  Ya gotta love Mondays.

-The Everquest CS Poll will come down sometime tomorrow and the results will be shipped off to Verant for them to ignore.  Thanks to everyone who voted and made their feelings on the subject clear.

-Stryker and I are finalizing our ideas for our AO page, and with retail just around the corner, we hope to have that page plus our Review completed.

-Other features that should be added to the site by the end of the week are our new Columns Section, and the Official Doublegold Comic Section.

-The Guestbook and Forums are once again working.

-A new Rumble is up... John Elway is toast and Megatron reigns supreme.

-Tuesday is your last day to enter the Serious Sam Giveaway Contest!

-As far as we are concerned (and isn't it obvious?), Friendly Fire is on it's last legs.  It was fun to do, but as we find it difficult to specialize a comic in just one field, it will be semi-retired into a sub section of our DG: the Comic section and may be updated from time to time.  Apologies to the four people who read the comic, but sh-t happens I guess.

-As you can tell, yes we got a new webcam.  Now we're just trying to figure out how we can broadcast live images to Tripod without using an FTP.  If you can help us out, or point us in the right direction, drop us an email.

I think that's about it.  Hugz (fenris)


June 25th, 2001
iconao.gif (2239 bytes)
Funcom came out with their 11.3 patch today for some reason... like with 2 days left in AO Beta? Hm, anyway there were some reported problems with the patch (it processed a 11.4 patch) and players were having some minor errors.   Servers are down at the moment in hopes of correcting this error.  This is the latest patch message:
Patch messages

Last update: 25.06.2001

- Mouse-turn added!
- Rebalancing of profession.
- Camera FOV changed. By popular demand.
- More mission rewards and mission types…
- PvP system changed!
- Problems losing items from toolbar fixed!

For more information on the latest Anarchy Online patch, click here.


June 25th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)STRYKER'S NEWS
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Stryker notes:

Ever notice how when you have to wake up for work, you feel like you can go back to sleep for 10 hours, yet when you have the day off from work you can't get any sleep?

New Flash!!! Eskimo Bob Episode #24 is up!!  Go check it out.  Eskimo Bob and Alfonzo are back in another action packed adventure.

Ok, I managed to download my demo of Operation Flashpoint, and at the beginning Codemasters (the game developers) say that the demo isn't for review so I won't.  But I will say that you should download this demo.  It was a bit choppy, but I have the biggest POS system on the planet, but still the graphics and sound quality were wicked.  If you like Firearms, then you must check out this game!  When the game gets released in North America I should have a better system by then (god willing) it is on my 'must buy list'.   If you ever run across me in game, and we are near a transport vehicle, just let me do the driving....trust me.....

If any of you are are Anarchy watch like me, then you would have noticed over at Anarchy Lore they changed their countdown to release from Days to Hours, and its updated every hour also, woot!  We haven't received our copy yet, but I don't think that FedEx works on weekends? Monday is a new day, and they better drop it off.......they better......


June 25th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NOTES
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Really slow Sunday newsday, so lets just hits the random notes:

-Harassing people in voice chat is fun.

-Edge is King of the Ring!  That is so reeking of awesomeness. Overall, King of the Ring was awesome.  Shane vs Kurt Angle was another classic for the archives.

-While Stryker has been playing Operation Flashpoint, I've been dabbling in Battle Cruiser Millenium... yeep, still getting through the learning curve.  Little disappointed in the sound effects, but could still be a fun game.

-Will be working on the new comics page and our AO page in the next few days.   Also, we should expect new columnists for the site by the end of the week...I hope!

God, world's worst news post... I'll be looking for more things as the day goes by.  Toodles.

June 24th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)GASP... EVERQUEST NEWS FROM DG!
iconeq.gif (2713 bytes)
This news was found on the Station's Dev Board regarding next week's patch:
On Wednesday, June 27th at 3AM PDT (10AM GMT), all servers will be coming down for a scheduled patch. The estimated downtime is 10 hours. This is a reschedule of the patch previously scheduled for Tuesday June 26th.

The EverQuest Operations Team

Also, if you haven't voted on our EQ Customer Service poll yet, I advise you to do so as it will be brought down most likely on Monday.  Thanks to all of you who had feedback in this poll, especially a vocal and bitter minority on the EQ Vault Boards.  Variety is the spice of life.


June 24th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)NEOCRON BETA CORRECTIONS
iconneo.gif (1250 bytes)
This was found on Neocron's official site... I just noticed it so it's a little out of date.  It applies to anyone who applied for Beta on June 21st (I think that's me):
An issue with the Beta test registration form not working correctly has been fixed. If you tried to sign up after yesterdays site update we kindly ask you to register again. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Regarding Beta we’d like to remind our testers to check the Beta test page. Information about what we need you to send to us so we can trace down the login problems has been posted there.


June 24th, 2001
iconac.gif (838 bytes)
Turbine and MS recently published a letter to all Asheron's Call players concerning the identification and destruction of lag in the form of a test they are conducting:
Help us help you!

We would like you to help us identify the areas in Dereth that appear to contain the worst "lag" in the game. While we are aware of various causes for this lag, such as too many people in one area ( i.e. Ayan Baqur), internet problems , or bad frame-rate; we would like to make sure that if there are areas in our game or our server which may be causing this problem, we address them. So how can you help? If while playing, you come across an area or time where you are lagging for longer then 5 minutes (i.e. Monsters and your character not moving or your ping and packet loss is higher then normal), please feel free to use the "Urgent Assistance" button located in your User Panel. Please tell us the area of Dereth (coordinates would be helpful) you are in. Most of the time, you will receive a "Thank You" from our Admins, but from time to time the Admins will come to you and collect some information to help us (Type of PC, connection, video card and memory). This data will help us pinpoint areas in Dereth that have the highest "lag" and help us focus in on determining if there are problems that we may be able to improve.

Now, not all lag you experience is a result from the game or the servers. Yes, we say this a lot, but it's not to try to put the blame somewhere else. Its simply a fact of internet life. At the same time, we want to be able to understand those problems that are under our control so we can fix them as fast as possible and provide and even better playing experience for you. If you want details on other internet and performance issues that might cause "lag" or frame-rate problems, check out the last question in the Q & A section at our State of the Code

Again, thanks for all your help and continued patronage,

The AC Team


June 24th, 2001
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Stryker notes: 2 steps back, 1 step forward......

First off, I don't have a f-cking clue how Fenris updates the page, cells and tables are beyond my comprehension (fenris: it's all magic son, magic), or else I would have done it for him. (He's sleeping)

(Fenris: After a very stressful day at work and the fact that I have to work at 8 in the morning, I decided to sleep while I could.  It is now 3 am and I'm up for the long term now, and (obviously) updating).

Over at Gamespy they have a good and positive article about Anarchy Online which can be found here.   It is a much better article than the first one that they put out which can be found here.   I wonder why they changed their tone? AO Stratics has the link for the article, and this time they won't get a bad name.(so I hope)  AO Stratics does an excellent job week in and week out, and it pains me to see sites bad mouth them, or write bad reviews then blame Stratics.   Its just not right, not right at all.

Managed to get some Firearms in with The Decoy.  We had  Roger Wilco running while we were playing.  I have to say if you have the system to run it, then do!  It is quite amusing listening to someone yell out 'Eeek' or 'Son of A' when you know that those comments are directed towards you, or when you direct them towards your victi..... I mean friend.  Although he did get the better of me with his cursed PSG......I will get the last laugh when 2.6 comes out..........when indeed.

Fenris mentioned that we had 5 more hits from SOE before some sleep monsters stole his shoes and beat him over the head with them.

I tried downloading the Operation Flashpoint demo from FilePlanet but I was like number 3055 in line, and it would take about 10 days before my download would start, so I said 'Hey by the time I can download, it will be released' so I will try again in the fort night.

I don't know how many of you out there ever read PC Gamer, but I used to buy that magazine almost religiously.   I started back in December of '94 and continued to buy it for 4 years.  The reason I stopped was the fact that the games coming out, were too damn much for my POS system, and the articles just didn't keep me as interested.  In most recent times (past year or so) Doc Chaser has pointed out that in their MMORPG section of the magazine they always and folks we do mean always mention Everquest in one form or another.  Now this wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Sony owns both Everquest and PC Gamer??? Nahhhh must be crazy coincidence.   Like every time I drink to much I get sick, just coincidence.


June 23rd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)EQ FANS FIRED UP!
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I'll direct your attention to this thread I found on the EQ Vault Forums, where I must say I was somewhat amazed for all of two reasons.  1) People that frequent the Vault rarely have anything intelligent to say and 2) EQ fans are usually a bit more docile (they usually roll over and take it, which Verant likes).

But oh my, I was drawing some major heal heat from the forums as a result of our "biased" EQ Customer Service Poll we started a few days ago.  The details are in the thread, and you will see (or read me rather) try and defend myself in a most pathetic way.  These guys were rabid... I'm surprised they didn't make fun of my pants.

In other news, remember yesterday when I told you that someone from the Sony Station had been hitting our page.  Well I saw this morning that someone from the Station again was hitting our page, specifically the EQ Poll page... my god, do they actually care!?  5 known hits from Sony who have now officially visited the page more times than my mother.


June 23rd, 2001
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I noticed an official sh-tload of patches available today, so I'll run them all here for your benefit.

-Black Isle has released a Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Beta Patch for the Throne of Bhaal Expansion for BG 2.  The patch can be found here.  It was posted with the following information from Doug Avery:

If you are having problems running Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal under this configuration, then please run this patch. It should fix the "X is busy" dialogue problems encountered by some users. Please keep in mind that this patch is a Beta patch and has only had a cursory run through Interplay's Quality Assurance department. If you encounter any problems, please send your system configuration and a detailed explanation of the problem to bginfo@bioware.com. Thank you.

-Talonsoft has released a patch for Age of Sails II.  You can get that patch here.

-Simon and Schuster has a patch available for newly released ST-DS9: Dominion Wars which can be found at Blues News, here.


June 23rd, 2001
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We've been downloading movies, and yes, even watching them.  Strykers all excited about Operation Flashpoint.  Looks decent I will admit, but I always have doubts on games that I've never heard of.  Call me ignorant.  He's getting the demo as we speak.   I'm buzzing with anticipation.  Okay I'm not, but it looks like it's worth a look.

No a movie, but I will be downloading the demo version of the ultra cool Battle Cruiser Millenium to give it a test spin.  I read about this game a year ago and have been quietly waiting to see if it would deliver the goods it claimed it would.

Finally, even though we get the game in like two days, I downloaded the Intro Movie for Anarchy Online and I must say... well done.  It really gets you into the feel of the game, much like the movie for Asheron's Call did.  I think the game should make you have to view the intro movie once a week to remind you what the game is about... a story.  Get the movie here, it's 27 megs but if you have the connection, why not grab it?

Be wary of Fileplanet.   Not that I liked the place at all, but the lameness of the site is up 50% now that you have to get a Gamespy ID to log in and try and download files from broken links.   Bastards.


June 23rd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)HAHA I GOT MY AO BOX... AW, IT DON'T WORK!
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Some people have already received their copies of Anarchy Online and are playing RIGHT NOW!!  Oh wait, they're not. HAHAHAH, silly bastards.  Anyhoo, while you may have your game,no you can't play until the 27th just like the rest of us schmucks.  These were some notes posted by Marius on the AO Forums recently:
For those of you who have received your Anarchy Online retail box via Funcom pre-order, please note the following:

- You will not be able to log onto Anarchy Online, using the CD key that is packaged with the retail version of AO, until Wednesday, June 27th.

- Any character that is created, by using the combination of the retail version software and an Anarchy Online beta 4 CD key or by way of beta acceptance, will be wiped at the conclusion of the Anarchy Online beta phase.

- Upon the launch of Anarchy Online on Wednesday, June 27th, there will be a final patch deeming the Anarchy Online client and servers ready for play.

- If you have installed Anarchy Online prior to launch on June 27th, you will have to un-install and then re-install AO for it to function correctly.

Read the entire thread here.


June 23rd, 2001
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Stryker notes:

Work sucks......nuff said on that subject

New DG! Comic is up.  Have a few drinks before you read this one, then the art work looks a bit better.  Its what I do, and hey, I am the one drawing it!  I think that 8-Bit Theatre updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so definitely check it out.  Although there isn't a Saturday comic up, there will be a Saturafternoon one for your viewing pleasure, but you can read the news over there yourself, what am I, a freaking news hound?

Corey's Gay, News at 11

FedEx called today, our copies of Anarchy Online have now hit Canadian soil, and the price has quadrupled because of the crappy dollar.  So its going to cost us $500 or something.... I can't remember, all I know is that I am going to be broke, which means no new scanner, no webcam, no booze.

Fenris might mention this in the news, but keep those Serious Sam entries coming in, the contest closes in 3 days!  Come on folks, its a free copy of a very wicked game.  You can check Fenris' review out here, and just so you know, I have also purchased my own copy of the game, and it is worth it.  Just remember its only for people living in North America, cause we are paying for the shipping and what-have-you.


June 23rd, 2001
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I had some, but now most of it eludes me...

-Sent in application to join the Recon Networks.  Here's hoping that things work out for the better... I think that we could both benefit if things go well.

-Tajiri rocks!

-Thanks to Morty at Mortisland for adding us to his links section.. it is very much appreciated!

-News has been archived... see below to dig into our dark past!

I know there was something else, but I forgot.  I'm going to sleep.

"You smell like a viking...
You're welcome!"