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June 22nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)GIVING THE EQ COMMUNITY IT'S PROPS...
iconeq.gif (2713 bytes)
Big thanks to PlanetEverquest and EQ Vault.  Unlike Everlore who not only did not post the Everquest Customer Service poll, but basically told us they were to f-cking scared of Verant to do so, Planet EQ and EQ Vault posted the poll link without flinching and I respect that.  No word from EQ Stratics, but better no response than an email telling me what a pussy your webmaster is.

If you haven't voted in the EQ poll yet, I encourage you to do so immediately.  Click here to vote.


June 22nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)AO SHIPS
iconao.gif (2239 bytes)
Folks who ordered Anarchy Online through Funcom and their affiliate, the Digital River Network, have received emails saying that the game has shipped and their credit cards have been charged.  I saw mention of US orders, but I'll assume (and hope) that includes Canada as well.  No word on European orders yet.   I didn't see Stryker today so I could not confirm if his card was charged or not.


June 22nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)DIABLO 2 EXPANSION BETA EMAIL
iconbliz.gif (1978 bytes)
As one of the proud, the few, the beta testers of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, I received an email from Blizzard today in my email essentially thanking me for taking part in the Beta test (though I will admit, I only played for about a week... I just can't get into characters I know are going to be deleted, just like AO Beta).  Anyhoo, the most pertinent information was the end of Beta date and the Expansion pack's release date:
The game is scheduled to be on store shelves beginning June 29. The beta test will be ending on Thursday, June 28. Please note that you will need to uninstall Diablo II and reinstall it before playing either Diablo II classic or the commercial release of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

No mention of the price, but given the publisher and the game name, they could charge 50 bucks and still sell a million.


June 22nd, 2001
iconmono.gif (1837 bytes)
This is cool.

For those of you who haven't played Fox Interactive / Monolith's No One Lives Forever, well first off you're missing a damn fun and well thought out game.  But recently Monolith announced that is has released the source code for NOLF in an effort to accommodate and assist the game's community.  For the uninitiated, NOLF uses a version of the Lithtech engine, which is a propriety engine, so the fact that Monolith is releasing a copy of it (albeit a modified one) is very, very cool.  Anyway, in a continuing effort to show how lazy I am, here's a cut and paste of the NOLF team's .plan file telling you what you need and what you get:


The source code for NOLF version 1.003 is now available! Here’s what’s included:

The NOLF Visual C++ 6.0 workspace complete with projects for individual DLLs
All of NOLF’s game-side source files
LithTech SDK header files and header files for shared Monolith libraries

To build the NOLF source v1.003 you will need:

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (with service pack 3 installed)
Microsoft’s DirectX 8 SDK
400MB free disk space

To run your modifications, you’ll need to have NOLF version 1.003 installed.

For more information on the source code and how to use it, please refer to the readme.txt file that’s included in the download package.


The NOLF Team

For more information, and to download the NOLF Code pack, click here.


June22nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)WE'RE BEING WATCHED...
iconeq.gif (2713 bytes)
Don't know exactly what to make of this, but as has become my habit lately, I have been checking our Site references and hit sources.   This is what I saw today:


In light of my verbal lashings of Verant, or the recently posted Customer Service poll, should I be expecting to be crushed by SOE?   Hard to say, but someone from Sony was checking us out.


June 22nd, 2001
iconac.gif (838 bytes)
I had been following this development for a few days now, but for some reason or another, I have failed to mention it.  For those of you who surfed the CoD Asheron's Call site for so long, you know who Allen Grey is.  And of course you know CoD is now, for all intents and purposes, dead (like Emilio Estevez acting career dead).  Well, not to be deterred (and as a true sign of the zeal that AC community members possess) Grey and a few other CoD workers are rebuilding the site to the form we once knew.  This update from Grey was found on the CoD Refugee Message Board today:
Tomorrow we start in on rebuilding the old XRG hardware to more effectively handle board traffic. The scripts will be running on a separate server from the database they depend on. Hopefully this will be sufficient (when combined with a few other optimizations) to get the boards running effectively. The test versions are running extremely well (aside from still not being able to nail the cookie munching bug), but we have yet to really throw a load on them. To date, we've only done a projected 1/30th of our goal for load. And performance was great on the test box which has alot less capacity then our final configuration.

Look for another update early next week, and maybe we'll have boards for folks to play on a bit. :)

Thank you Mister Grey, and though we do appreciate the work of you and your allies, Stryker wants his f-cking hat!!


June 22nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)STRYKER NOTES
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)

New comic will be up on Saturday so be sure to check that out, and laugh at my terrible drawing skills.  I am not an artist I will admit that right now.  But I can think up humorous situations, that can only be told through comics.  So that is why I draw and write them.  Maybe my drawing ability will get better over time, and maybe I'll stop drinking.  Both are pretty big maybes.

I don't know if any of you flash fans have ever gone to Newgrounds but they are the flash site of the net.  Be sure to check out out XIAOXIAO 3 and Ninjai Teaser Trailer under the Portal section.  In my opinion, these are two of the best pieces of art that I have ever seen.  Animutation Central had the first 2 episodes of XIAOXIAO series, but they no longer have links up.  If you ever get a chance to see them, there are a must watch.  You can see the quality of the series improve with each episode.

Only 4 more days until Anarchy Online is released.  I am psyched!!!  We will have a AO review probably 5-10 days after we receive the game, so be on the lookout for that!


June 22nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NOTES...
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
-A few people have inquired about this... the cut off date for Column / Review submissions will be just under a week from now... Thursday, June 28.  Thanks to all those who have shown interest, it is appreciated.  If you are interested in working with us at DG, click here.

-Stryker and Silent Jay were harassing people again on Yahoo Voice Chat again.  I can see our free time is being spent wisely. ("YOU SHUT YER MOUTH!!")

-Who wants gum? I do, I do!

That's it for now, I'm going to watch Smackdown!


June 21st, 2001
iconeq.gif (2713 bytes)
Well as most people who read this site know, I posted the Everquest Customer Service Survey on the site yesterday morning and with that, I sent out a half dozen or so emails to most of the major EQ sites in hopes of bringing this Survey to the people.  Well, day one turned up no results (no replies for posts that is, maybe tomorrow) except for one reply.  You know, I'm usually not one to do this but god damn this email from Xott the Wizard at Everlore.com was not only surprising, it was a little nauseating.

In my email I posted the link to the page and stated that this was our way of bringing the paying customer's opinion to Verant/SOE.   This is what Xott replied to me with:

Hail friend,

While I'd like to help you. your new is better suited in the forums. We try to keep news positive and game related only.


Gnome Wizard
Light of Harmony

Positive and game related?  How more f-cking game related does a Customer Service survey for the players get?  These people shell out 10 bucks a month to play this game, and suddenly their opinions are not "game related?"   Now, I'm not blasting Xott because he said no to the Survey link, hell that's his own business.  I'm pissed because he's too spineless to stand up to mighty Verant and say,"Hell, yeah I love this game, but it has issues... lets hear what the players have to say."

Hmm, lets see what is in the news today at Everlore.com... "Gloves of Fire Animation - Developers Corner."  Oh my, some one is unhappy that his gloves don't look as cool on one character as they do the other.  Hmm, looks squeaky clean.   Next... wow GM events... that already happened!  Maybe tomorrow *gasp* a wedding announcement!  Hmm no news on Conquest, no news of the new Security policy.   How is Everlore one of the best EQ news sites around?  I know they don't want to have it all doom and gloom, but the bottomline is Verant is f-cking over players while Xott and his drones at Everlore continue to make posts about players whining about their goddamn clothes.

I can only hope EQ Vault, EQSS and the other major sites have the balls to step it up and give the players a chance to be heard.  Send all pending lawsuits here!


June 21st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)DIABLO 2 PATCH RELEASED... PEOPLE MAD
iconbliz.gif (1978 bytes)
Blizzard recently released the 1.08 Patch for Diablo 2 to a very mixed reaction.. well maybe not mixed.   Whereas some people are fine with it, a lot of people are downright pissed off, namely Barbarian and Sorceress users (because of the new casting delays.. like the sorceress doesn't suck enough already).  Anyhoo, for a full list of the patch changes and to download the patch for yourself, visit Blizzard's 1.08 Patch page here.

In related news, Blizzard has shut down the Chaos Sanctuary in favour of their new site for the expansion pack.  I don't know if you ever went to the Chaos Sanctuary, but this was a page that all other game publishers should model their "official" sites after.   How often do you go to a game's official site for in-depth info on skills an gear?   Never?  Hell, I always went to the Chaos Sanctuary for D2 info... hopefully the Arreat Summit will be a worthy successor.


June 21st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)2001 E3 GAME CRITICS AWARDS
icone3.gif (1398 bytes)
The Game Critics awards were given out a few days ago (yeah, like a month after E3).  The awards are decided on by critics from all the major gaming magazines and online news site (ie people with their heads up their asses, like PC Gamer).   Anyway, this is what they picked followed up by what I think.

Okay I'm a little surprised here, but then I think of the whole console bandwagon thing... still, they didn't kiss Sony's ass so I'm happy

Okay, they done good here.  Majestic is probably the most original game since the Sims.

BEST PC GAME - Star Wars Galaxies
Hrm, you know I'm not all up on that, but I guess they don't vote for games based on the publisher's sh-tty reputation with its customers.

BEST CONSOLE GAME - Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty

BEST PC HARDWARE - nVidia GeForce 3
Well it wasn't going to be the newest Voodoo card, was it? HAHAHAH!  Ahem.

Kicking Microsoft in the nuts since 1998.

BEST ACTION GAME - Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2
Hail Lucas!  Hail Flannel!  Hail Gamecube!   Beep beep, hurry get on the Console bus before they realize our tech is dated the moment it ships.

BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE GAME - Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty
Hail PS2!  Hail Sony!  Hail.. aw forget it.   MGS2 does look sweet.

BEST FIGHTING GAME - Super Smash Bros. Melee
Who really f-cking cares about fighting games?

BEST ROLEPLAYING GAME - Neverwinter Nights
Well, like no sh-t.  This game is going to change online play forever.

BEST RACING GAME - Gran Turismo 3: A -Spec
I care this much <-->

...aka the PC game to rake in Oodles of Cash

BEST SPORTS GAME - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
First off, skate boarding is not a f-cking sport.  It's a recreation, like bowling or darts.  Did these guys go to the EA Sports booth?

BEST STRATEGY GAME - Age of Mythology
Okay, Ensemble Studios know what they're doing.

...or, the Game most likely to cause parents to neglect their children.  When it comes out... in 2 years.


June 21st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)WHERE'S MY FREAKIN' HAT!?
iconac.gif (838 bytes)
In a State of the Code update, Turbine made mention of the hats that were supposed to have been added to the game with the most recent patch.  Here's what was said:

The town criers mention something about hats, and I also noticed it referenced in the Developer's Notes for June but I cannot find them. Are they in the game?

They were created, but unfortunately did not make it into the June Event. Be looking for them in the very near future.

In other AC news, now that the Turbine dev chat is gone (ie, we care more about AC2 these days), a Q&A was setup where you could send in your questions.  Here are the results of the most recent Turbine Q&A.  Some interesting questions are answered there.


June 21st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)AO PAYMENT PLANS... EITHER WAY, THEY WIN
iconao.gif (2239 bytes)
Funcom recently updated Anarchy Online's FAQ with information on the various ways one can purchase their copies of AO:
Alternative 1.
You can order the game box online from our online store at www.funcom.com.

Alternative 2.
You can also decide not to get the game box and download the game; the advantage by choosing this alternative is that you avoid the shipping charges. The price of the game will not change however. Exactly how, when or where will be announced at www.anarchyonline.com in the near future.

Alternative 3.
You can buy the game in a PC Store in USA or the Nordic countries from the 27th of June.

Alternative 4, Beat up a drunk and steal his wallet was mysteriously absent from the FAQ.  Stryker and I have already ordered our copies of AO through our own Shop Page.  Make sure to get yours so you can go through the hell that is the first month of gaming on an MMORPG!


June 21st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)MORE STRYKER NOTES... God, teach a guy to read and he thinks he runs the world...
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Double Gold - The Comic

I have started a new feature at DG! instead of the cut and paste sprites of the traditional Friendly Fire, it is going to be replaced by a hand drawn (very badly I might add) alcohol infused, stupid comedy comic strip.  Right now they are just 1 frame strips, but they may slowly evolve into a 3 or 4 strip format like the famous (and a gazillion times better than mine) Penny-Arcade ones or PVP.

Just so you don't bother to e-mail me with questions I will answer them for you right now, pants no, drawing ability no, drunk maybe, hat on, tired who cares.

I will try to update every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This way you can read a good comic on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then tear your eye sockets out when I update.

BTW I now have ICQ installed (groan) my number is 121796647 if anyone out there cares to msg me.

(Fenris - An official page hasn't really been compiled yet, but to see Stryker's first comic, click here).


June 21st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NEWS...
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
-New patch released for Space Empires IV.   You can download the patch here.

-I am the Game, you don't wanna play me. I am control, there's no way you can shake me.  I am heavy debt, there's no way you can pay me, I am your pain... and I know you can't take me... Get well soon Triple H... things just are not the same without you. (Though SCSA has been kinda funny).

-The Review and Column positions are being looked into, as I said yesterday and there has been a healthy response, especially in terms of an AC Columnist.  If you are interested in writing for DG, email me.

-To follow Stryker, my ICQ number is 5527779.

-Not even 12 year old Pokemon fans are safe from our verbal lashings!

That's it for me,have a happy f-cking Thursday.  I know mine's going to suck (fenris)


June 20th, 2001
iconeq.gif (2713 bytes)
I've admitted it before, so if you're new to DG, we've got a long standing grudge against Verant/SOE based on the horrible way they treated players (and myself when I played EQ).  I've bitched.  I've griped.  But I never did anything about anything.  Well no more, we're hitting the (cyber)streets and bringing it to the people.

We've created a poll page where we ask a simple question: How do you feel about SOE/Verant's customer service?  Tell us what you think.  Go vote.  Make a difference.  We want to let Verant know just how the players feel, because as a few wise men said long ago, Knowing is half the battle.

Click here to Vote on the EQ Customer Service Poll


June 20th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)WE CAN'T CATCH YOU BUT, UM, DON'T BE BAD!
iconac.gif (838 bytes)
In a letter to the AC community today, Turbine finally came clean with just how they fixed the Gear detection software bugs... they removed the software (something Gear users probably figured out awhile ago).  Anyway, here's what was said officially:
A Letter to the Players

As most players are aware, additional code was devised for the June event by which players who used speed-altering programs could be detected and removed from the game. When we launched the June event, however, we discovered a bug that resulted in severe server instability, which required that we take the service down overnight to work on a solution.

The most concrete solution for the short term turned out to be the removal of the Speedhack detection code, to be reviewed, fixed, and reinstated at a future update. However, while instability resulted, the detection code did accurately detect several players who were using speed-altering programs in violation of the Code of Conduct. Appropriate action has been taken in those cases, and we remind players that use of speed-altering programs can result in removal from the game.

We sincerely apologize for the extended downtime, and intend to reintroduce the detection code as soon as we can verify its stability. We thank you for your patience, and hope you enjoy the rest of the June event, “Chains of Command.”

Thank you,
The AC Team

Yes, Gear is still in the game.  Hell, someone was using it when I was logged in for just the few moments I was dropping off the prizes for the AC Giveaway (btw Chrono II, email me!).  In a somewhat related note (ie, relating to bugs in AC), there has been some errors when turning in rank 6 creature scrolls to get rank 7's... click here to see just what the hell is going on.


June 20th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)SERIOUS SAM CONTEST
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
This contest has very few entries and with just over a week to go in the contest, you have plenty of time to enter.   It's way easy too, no essays, no exams... click here to get your chance at a free copy of Serious Sam!


June 20th, 2001
iconion.gif (3133 bytes)
Ion Storm recently announced that their much (?) anticipated game, Anachronox has gone gold.  (For the uninitiated, gone gold means that the game has been completed and written to a master disk that will be copied and produced.  Gonegold.com's site is entirely built around this premise.  I think.)

Anyhoo, this is the same publisher that brought us Deus Ex (yeah, that game was just okay) so we can expect some quality one hopes.  Okay, these guys also brought us Daikatana so my previous line may just be a load of horse sh-t.  Make me look good Ion Storm!  Anachrononono-etc ships on June 26th, but Daikatana can be found right now  burning in hell at a store near you.

You know, John Romero gives us a piece of sh-t game like Daikatana, then bags a hotty like Stevie Chase.  The world is f-cking cruel man.


June 20th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)NEOCRON?  NEOCRON!!
iconneo.gif (454 bytes)
I just passed over this game a few times.  I'll admit it, it was no Anarchy Online.  Hell, it IS no Anarchy Online but that doesn't mean that Reakktor's Neocron won't find it's niche.  The world of MMORPG's is thick these days, and while EQ, AC and UO are the big three right now, AO looks to make it the big Four and when Neverwinter Nights finally comes out, I believe the face of MMORPGs will be changed forever.  So where do smaller games like Neocron, Dark Age of Camelot and yes, even Shadowbane (you're not big unless you have a publisher  Wolf Pack) fit in?  I guess we'll wait and see.  Things are quiet on Neocron now as it is in it's beta phase.  I applied for the next phase of beta just to get a better look,and from what I saw in the FAQ, the game looks solid.  Of course, at one time EQ's FAQ made that game seem cool, so I am naturally hesitant.

Only time will tell how and if these games can survive.  If you want more information on this interesting game, check out the official page here.


June 18th, 2001
iconlucas.gif (2594 bytes)
And that's fast I hear.  Anyhoo, I know this press release is old, but I wanted to use my Lucasarts icon pic and well, a lot of people seem to be wondering about this:  Will we be able to fly around in ships for Star Wars Galaxies?   This is what Lucasarts had to say... a month ago...(sigh)

Add-On Will Allow Galactic Travel And Space Combat

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- May 17, 2001 -- LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC and Sony Online Entertainment today announced the development of the first expansion product for Star Wars Galaxies (www.starwarsgalaxies.com), their massively multiplayer online role-playing game series. The add-on, expected to be available six months after the initial product release, will enable players to own and fly starships, allowing interplanetary travel and space combat.

The Star Wars Galaxies online game series is designed to immerse players in the rich Star Wars universe. The first product, expected to release in second half 2002, will feature dynamic role-playing ground-based adventures across multiple planets in the classic Star Wars timeframe. Game play will offer a unique combination of combat, exploration, social interaction, specialized missions, and daring quests. Players will explore multiple Star Wars environments on foot or in land vehicles. Traveling between planets will be accomplished through the use of public shuttles, which ferry characters from world to world.

The anticipated space component of the Star Wars Galaxies online game will add personal starships and starfighters to the game, which can be used for travel or space combat. The expansion also promises additional worlds, playable species, non-player characters, creatures, and a variety of other elements.

"We view Star Wars Galaxies as a collection of massively multiplayer experiences that combine to form a multi-faceted perpetual universe," says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. "Hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world will be able to choose whether to base their Star Wars alter-egos on ground, or whether to take them up into space -- for exploration, combat, or even to attempt the legendary Kessel Run. We know from our community boards that fans want to play Star Wars Galaxies in space as well as on planet -- we're happy to say they'll be able to do so."

The space component of Star Wars Galaxies is being developed as an expansion product in order to ensure that both aspects of the experience meet the high expectations of fans and game players. Ultimately, both the planet and space-based elements will provide players with greater game play flexibility and a wealth of content.

"The staggered release schedule of the space component of the Star Wars Galaxies series will benefit players because they will have time to establish their characters and explore different elements of the core game before we add the space layer," says Rich Vogel, director of development at Sony Online Entertainment's Austin studio. "Once the space component becomes available, players who have been with us since the beginning will be ready to buy their own starships and launch into this new arena."

Essentially that's long, drawn out corporate-money-machine jargon for, "Yes".  So, yes there will be space travel of sorts in Star Wars Galaxies.  Of course, when SWG comes out, we'll all be flying in spaceships... in real life.


June 20th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)SOME NEWS FROM STRYKER... pH3aR h1m!!
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Stryker was getting bored NOT doing his AO preview, so he had some notes to add to today's post:

Our favorite Black Mage, and the rest of the cast over at 8-Bit Theater have now been updated in the cast section.  Also he is going to have a new flash show up for us on Wednesday!!! So be sure to check that out, cause we know it shall be good!

Anarchy Online beta continues to go along well.  Fenris and I both just pre-ordered our copies, have you?  Once the game goes retail, we will be sure to post various information about our characters, so keep your eyes open for that section.

Well with my format completed, and the bottle of whiskey empty, my search for a copy of Flash continues.  If anyone you know, or if you have a copy still in its original package, and are willing to sell it let me know.  I continue to scour the Canadian E-Bay for a copy.

Over at Planet Black & White they have posted the date for the official Black & White patch.   The date is set for the 2nd of July, but as before that date may or may not change.   Be sure to check out all of Planet Black & White, as they have lots of information and tips.

We now return Stryker to his regularly scheduled drinking...


June 20th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
No, it's not those assclowns, the Colorado Avalanche.   It's my boys, from NHL 2001.   That's right, after 5 tough games with the Toronto Maple Leafs, my Nashville Predators are the 2003 Stanley Cup Champions!!  I had a lot of goalie problems in the finals, as Stryker can confer.  I benched my starter 4 times, even though we won in 5.  My backup was just as flaky.  Luckily, my scorers came through, especially Sami Salo, Joe Warren (a computer generated player) and "the Man", Cliffy Ronning.  I know you all are real excited, and I will pass that thanks along to my hard working players.  And you don't even have to ask... here are some screen shots of the Cup celebration after game 5!  Enjoy.
pred01.gif (11175 bytes)
Cliff Ronning with the most prized of prizes.
pred02.gif (12838 bytes)
The team photo.  I named all the players because I know you care.
pred03.gif (10236 bytes)
Captain Joe Warren claims his Cup and his second Conn Smythe award.


June 20th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NEWS...
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
-This is turning into the daily, "Excuse for me not doing the AO page" so I'll be honest... the page will most likely be up later, maybe even after retail.  We have no real idea what we're going to do on the page, so until then, you're gonna have to wait.

-3D pimps, nVidia are releasing a GeForce 3 optimized version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto.  Giants will still crash without mercy, but look oh so good doing it.

-We have opened up our new columns section... well it's not there yet, don't look.  But we are accepting applications for columnists in these positions: AC, AO, RPGs, SPORTS GAMES, TECH SUPPORT, FPS/ACTION and HUMOUR.  Also, we are looking for people to Review games in the (surprise!) Reviews section.  If you are at all interested in helping this site grow and become even cooler (not hard), email me here and I'll send you the details.

Alright, I'll shut up now. (fenris)


June 19th, 2001 - Are YOU going to be playing AO Retail?  Do you                             LOVE AO?  Then READ on... iconao.gif (2239 bytes)
As many of you know, we're working like busy beavers on our Anarchy Online page.   We're still not sure on what direction we want to go with it.  Still, DG itself is always looking for people to be news sources in the game to provide us with the heads up on guild events, weddings, raids, pvp get togethers.. anything really.  If you think you could handle this, then drop me an email and tell me that you're interested in being an Anarchy Online reporter.  If things work out and we get enough dedicated reporter, we may make a separate AO newspage, so if you would like to have a hand in this, tell us!


June 19th, 2001 - News... News... Somewhere... icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
After yesterday, I really wanted to follow up with a strong news post.  Our three main sources of news though (AC, AO and EQ) were pretty quiet.  Nothing exceptional on Gamespy or IGN, well, nothing worth giving it it's own header.  So I guess it's just random updates today... lets start...

arrow.gif (832 bytes) Here's some fast patch info... Quake III: Arena has a hefty new 25.3 meg patch that you can download here.   Also, Gangsters 2, a relatively new game, already has a patch available here, weighing in at at 6.6 megs.

arrow.gif (832 bytes) I got Ghin up to level 15 yesterday, which automatically bumped her up a name rank and removed her skill cap finally.  She's back, kicking ass with authority once again trying to earn enough cash to upgrade her armor and get some new martial arts attacks.   Meanwhile...

arrow.gif (832 bytes)   ...Stryker was having problems with AO almost since day one which culminated in his deciding to reformat his nasty, nasty computer.  Stryker also learned a valuable lesson in partitioning your drive... kids, always partition your drive.  Have a few gigs for your C: drive to store Windows, your registry, your dll's etc... store everything else in D: drive.  Then when you have to reformat, barring virus, you usually don't have to touch the D: drive.  That's just good advice.  Anyhoo, the reformat did go off without a hitch, Stryker's HD is partitioned and he appears to be on the road to reformat recovery (You know, that one week period where you keep slapping yourself in the forehead and saying, "Sh-t, I knew I forgot to save something!".   Hopefully after all that, AO will kick back in for him.  He was getting some sort of dll problem which kicked him back to the bug report screen every time AO tried to load the actual game.  If you know anything about that sort of thing (ie - you are smarter than we are, which most breathing things are), feel free to email Stryker and ridicule him... I mean, offer him advice.  we'll let you know tomorrow if the AO problem was solved by the reformat.  In related news, our AO preview was nixed today as Stryker was writing it and well... he had other concerns.

arrow.gif (832 bytes)  We saw Tomb Raider last night and overall, I'll give it 6 to 7 out of 10... I'm still in the air on this one.  Visually it was cool, Angelina was slick as I expected she would be.. and damn sexy obviously.  Admit it, she was great as Lara (we had our doubts, but we had our doubts about Michael Keaton as Batman)... her accent never slipped once (*cough* Kevin Costner *cough*).  The film dropped the ball on a flimsy story, suspect editing and really a lame supporting cast.  Aside from Jon Voight and Chris Barrie (aka Rimmer from Red Dwarf), everyone else, in a word, sucked.  But I did enjoy the movie, it was solid... it perhaps doesn't live up to the hype and it wasn't as fun as the Mummy Returns.  But damn, Jolie is a bonafide hotty in this one.

arrow.gif (832 bytes) Don't forget to check out our Serious Sam contest people... its too easy to enter.  You'd be downright silly to let this one get by.  Vote in our Rumble too!  I think the Rumble is the section I look at the most, and our equation of page hits to Rumble votes is pretty bizarre.  About 2% of you guys actually vote.  GO VOTE!

arrow.gif (832 bytes) I didn't bring this up yesterday, but if you find some flaws on this page (not spelling mistakes...I mean broken links, images that don't load etc) email me and tell me what's up.   we're still ironing out the kinks.

I think that's about it.  I suppose I'll get some work done on the AO page tonight.  Lets hope for some news tomorrow. (fenris)


June 18th, 2001 - UPDATES!! DOUBLEGOLD v2.0!

icondg.gif (2681 bytes)

Oh yes, it is very official... DG is back at you with a slightly improved look after two days of steady overhauling and conversion.  It still may not look like much, but it will help us make sure our visitors can look at the entire page if they want and not have to stumble upon the right links to get to the right spots. Lots of new stuff today, stuff we've been talking about for a long time.  We have a new contest, a Serious Sam give away, plus new Flash links, a new Rumble (see below), the Interviews (also see below) and our new features, including the Top Five section, plus our look at Who's Hot and Who's cold in the gaming industry today.  We hope you'll take a good look at the new and somewhat improved Doublegold!


June 18th, 2001 - INTERVIEW:  Maggie the Jackcat iconac.gif (838 bytes)
This was one of the first interviews we wanted to conduct, and while we received it last week, both I and Stryker wanted to save it for the big relaunch.  Maggie performed above and beyond with this interview which delves into her site, her gaming and even a bit into the lady herself.  Click here to read Doublegold's interview with AC's Maggie the Jackcat.


June 18th, 2001 - INTERVIEW: Chainsaw icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Chainsaw was the very first interview we requested.  For those of you who do not know CS, he has been a stalwart teacher and worker in the Half-life mod and mapping community for a few years now and is respected for his informative and helpful website, as well as his skill and drive in the field.  To get to know Chainsaw and get a good look at the mod/map community of HL, click here to read the interview.


June 18th, 2001 - the SERIOUS SAM SERIOUS GIVEAWAY icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Well, as the Great AC Giveaway fades out, to spice up our relaunch we are giving away a brand spanking new copy of Croteam's Serious Sam.  This contest is hella easy to enter, though its only open to residents of North America.  Click here for more information.


June 18th, 2001 - NEW DG RUMBLE icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Christina is gone!  YES!  Megatron is our new champion and he goes on this week to face football legend John Elway.  Click here to vote now!!


June 18th, 2001 - AC Update to "State of the Code" iconac.gif (838 bytes)
Um, AC updated their "State of the Code".  Read:
I am trying to use the new Component Buyer introduced in the June update but I cannot find any information in the game about how to use it. Am I not looking in the right place?
The help for using the Component Buyer was inadvertently left out of the June update. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, please go to the Details of Component Buying article for instructions on how to use the Component Buyer.

I just used @fillcomp <pyrealvalue> and I get a message back that the Archmage does not have enough of certain components, but I can see from his inventory that he does. Is he just lying to me?
There is a bug that, in rare cases, the mage will return a message stating he does not have certain components when in fact he does. All you need to do is simply select the components in the buy dropdown window and rerun the command.

Patch news is still trickling in, and barring some grumbling concerning the exchange rates, one might say this has been a good patch.  For more patch info, check out Maggie the Jackcat's site by clicking her shiny new button to the left, or to be a CoD refugee, check out the 'fugee message board here.


June 18th, 2001 - Random News... icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
arrow.gif (824 bytes)  Consider this kinda delayed news, but Interplay/Bioware's Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal expansion pack has gone gold and is retailing for around 35 bucks.  You can preorder from EBWorld here.

arrow.gif (824 bytes)  Scott Kurtz of PvP Online has yet to respond to my email regarding DG's research we conducted a few days back.  I promise you, the information will be made public when I have it!

arrow.gif (824 bytes)   Imperium Galactica's 1.06 patch is now available for download from their official site.   You can download it here.

arrow.gif (824 bytes)   Funcom announced that there will be a fix for that annoying bug in AO where you get disconnected from the server and can't re-login because the client tells you, "There is a problem with the server (not found / lost / timed out).  This means that the server running the playfield you requested, the one containing your character right now, is not running." Yeah, you know this one.  This is one of the many bugs they hope to tackle with the 11.3 patch, whenever that may be.

arrow.gif (824 bytes)   EA's Majestic is headed for Beta pretty soon.  While I'm not in the Beta, I still get my update emails and try and keep on top of things.  If you have no idea what Majestic is, visit the site here and prepare to be freaked out.

I think that's it for now.  No, it's not our biggest news update, but it has been a long night/morning of updating (five hours so far).  Our AO page isn't up yet, but Stryker has his Preview coming out tomorrow so stay tuned for that.  Come on back tomorrow for your Original Recipe, or should I say Extra Tasty Crispy News Post.   Until then, take it easy. (fenris)