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The contest is now closed and here are your winners:

1st Prize - Chen Kobe with a great piece on AI in Asheron's Call
2nd Prize - Deke with some cool, cool ideas on new features to add to the game.
3rd Prize - Chrono II with a humourous piece on chickens.

Honourable Mention - Tuscan "Two words.... nekkid patch!"  This one was a favourite, though just couldn't win because it was a tad short :)

We've chosen not to release the winning pieces for now as we really don't want to be emailed en masse and be told how our decisions suck.  The entries will be released in a little while... maybe.

All winners, you have been contacted via email and will have until the end of the week (Saturday) to reply so we can make arrangements for pickup.  Please try and be flexible here, as both I and Stryker are on schedules just like you are.  The pickup should be rather quick.  If you don't recieve your email by Friday, email me and give me heck!

Thank you again to all the 200 or so people that entered and we both hope you will return to Doublegold to check for more cool contests!

Well as mentioned, our time in Turbine's Asheron's Call is drawing to a close, but instead of selling our characters our just deleting them, we're giving you a chance to take our phat and not-so phat gear home with you... or back to Frostfell.  Yes this a Frostfell only contest, sorry folks.

The way you enter is this:

1)  Compose a paragraph telling us what you think is the biggest flaw in AC right now and how YOU would fix it if you had unlimited AC power.  Winners will be selected based on originality, innovation and generally how well done they are.  Humourous answers are very acceptable if done well.

2)  Email your entry along with your real name and AC character name on Frostfell to contest@tendodojo.com.

3)  There will be prizes for first, second and third place.

4) Contest closes Monday, June 11th 2001 at midnight.

A special request: If you just skipped here from the main page, fair enough. But Stryker and I have put a lot of work into this page and would feel great if you'd take a look around.  We would especially appreciate if you'd vote on our weekly Rumble going.  Thanks again.

First Prize:

-1 Uninscribed Mattekar robe
-7 SIKs
-a Small shard
-1 Pyreal Bar
-1 Healers Heart
-Gold Scalemail Gauntlets (al 75, Imp 3, Bludg 4, Coord 6, Ghar only, diff 181)
-20 Green Plants
-15 Red Plants
-Gertarhs Dagger
-Gold Yoroi Breastplate (al 151, Lit Bane 4, Impen 5, Frost 3, dif 91, Melee def 222)

Second Prize:

-1 full suit of post patch GSA
-1 Cracked Shard
-1 Pyreal bar
-1 Healers Heart
-4 Braided Ravener Guts
-3 SIKs
-Str 5, diff 206 Gorget
-Pierce Prot 5, diff 184 bracelet
-7 Red Plants
-13 Green Plants
-1 Potion of Black Fire
-Copper Yoroi Leggings (al 145, End 4, Impen 4, Flame Bane 3, diff 62, melee def 165)

Third Prize:

-Shadow's Garb
-Ursuin Hide Helm
-Gold Scalemail Bracers (al 132, Impen 4, Bludg 3, Str Self 6, diff 183, Ghar only)
-1 mote
-3 SIKs
-2 Rave Guts
-8 Green Plants
-5 Red Plants
-Green Garnet Katar (2-7, +5 Mel Def, +7 Attack)
-Gold Acid Katar (2-6, +9 Mel Def, +5 Att)
-Copper Koujia Breastplate (al 154, Lit Bane 4, Impen 4, dif 137)

Thanks for playing and you will be contacted if you are a winner with info on how to collect your prize package!