the Drunken Monks

    You now enter the area that is truly the heart and soul of the Drunken Monks... the people that make it happen!  People who travel Dereth, telling tales, fighting, drinking, meeting friends and drinking.  But not just anyone can be a Drunken Monk, heck no.  There are a few tenets that you must follow to hold the ideals of the Monks close.

Tenets of the Drunken Monks*

1.  You must be brave, fear not death nor vitae, while also not being an absolute dumbass.

2.  Fight where fighting needs doing!  Defend those needing defending!  Help your friends whenever you can.

3.  Don't be afraid to drink in the scariest and deadliest places!  The greatest monks have tossed back ales amongst golems, olthoi and tuskers!   Trust in yourself, your companions and your tankard!

4.  Be brave!  Be bold!  Be friendly!  Be drunk!

(* tenets may randomly change as time goes on, or on Friday night when we drink the most)

    Now without further delay, behold... the Heroes of Inebriation!

Olthoi death by stick
Elhajah al-Haj
Hold that door boy!
I need beer
the Drunken Monk