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June 28th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NEWS...
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It's gonna be a tight news report today for two reasons, a) I'm busy on the AO page right now and b) Readership is at an all time low.

I'm not meaning to bitch, but it is low... depressingly low.  So I'm back racking my brain trying to get more content on the site.  It's really just a matter of days now I think.. if the AO page takes off well, it could do the trick, plus the columns coming and the new comic... I hope to draw and maintain a fanbase.  I'm always looking for feedback on what you think would help us make this page even cooler.  Any ideas?   Email me.

I'll be back tomorrow morning or some time tonight with a full report hopefully, and hopefully with some good news.  Hang in there.


June 27th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)AO GOES LIVE
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After a really really (not) cool End of Beta last night, the game seems to be (just maybe) back on it's feet and headed off into Retail. This was the message of the day as displayed on the log in screen:

[2001-06-27] All servers are now up and we are live!

Go to http://register.funcom.com/ to register your CD key.

A couple of important things before you start to play:

Some of you have experienced problems with files being corrupted after patching. We have reproduced the problem internally, and tracked it back to the 11.1.exe patch. If you have this .exe patch stored on your local PC please delete it. The 11.1.exe patch was created for use during the beta, and will no longer work properly.

Faulty error message
The first time you try to connect to the Anarchy server after installing the game you will get an error message: "Error connecting to server:
"The dimensionfile does not correctly reflect the server-version. Please contact support@funcom.com so they can fix the problem"

Just click "ok" in the dialogue box, and try to login again. This time it will work as it should. Sorry about the inconvenience.

You will be able to read news about uptime, and other information at our community site at http://community.anarchy-online.com

There is some concern right now over Funcom's lack of the security symbol on their registration setup, but as of yet, no word from them.  I even went as far as to email them to prompt them to explain this on their board,but I doubt I am the first to have done so and the bottomline is it seems to have been to no avail.  We'll keep ya posted on that.

If you click on our AO page right now you will see the intro page to the site that leads... nowhere, but at least you can see for certain that it is actually being worked on.


June 27th, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)SERIOUS SAM CONTEST WINNER
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Our contest is at a close, and while the turn out wasn't quite what I expected, we still have a game to give away.  The winner of the Serious Sam Giveaway is:

Jason Newell

Thanks to Jason and everyone who entered the contest.  Jason, you will be contacted via email soon to get your delivery info so we can send you your shiny new copy of Serious Sam.   Stay tuned to DG for our next contest (whenever that may be).


June 27th, 2001
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Patch and upgrade news...here we go!

-There is a 3.9 meg patch available for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal which you can download here.

-Though you need to play to download it, and I just can't recommend either, if you do play WW2Online, the new 1.12 patch is available.  You can now walk in game.

-And finally, this information from Lionhead Studios regarding new multiplayer maps for Black and White:

Lionhead have released three brand-new multiplayer maps.

This page gives you information about these maps, created exclusively by the Lionhead team. Your copy of Black & White will update your map-list and will download these automatically when you're on-line and they are selected for playing.