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July 2nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)UH UH UH, FEEL IT! (the sounds of AO humping our heads)
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As I've spent most of the morning updating the page (see our Java!?), I didn't get in to play Anarchy Online today, but from what I've heard and what I've read, I wasn't missing much.  Don't believe me?  Here's the last three days of Log In updates from AO:
[07.02.01] - Servers UP! (00.30 GMT)

All servers are up after the server patch.

[07.01.01] - Servers down! (23.30 GMT)

All servers will be down from 23.30 GMT for a server patch. Expected downtime is 1 hour.

[07.01.01] - Servers are back up! (12.15 GMT)

All servers are back online after the server patch. Read the patch message here.

[07.01.01] - Servers going down! (11.15 GMT)

All servers will go down for a patch at 11.15 GMT. Estimated downtime 1 hour and 30 minutes.

[06.30.01] - Servers are back up! (11.30 GMT)

All servers are back online after the server patch. Read the patch message here.

[06.30.01] - Servers going down! (10.30 GMT)

All servers will go down for a patch at 10.30 GMT. Estimated downtime 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Oi!  Does your head too?  My hand hurts, from smashing it into my desk every five minutes, which oddly enough coincides with the timing of my disconnects.  Well, some good news anyway as this was the information given to us (by us, I mean the public) regarding the latest server side patch:

In the latest server side patch, which was released this morning, the main focus has been squarely placed on stability and lag issues. The outstanding and informative feedback from all of you, the players of Anarchy Online, has been crucial in this process. Again, we ask for your patience and understanding, we too understand your own frustrations and are tirelessly working to address them, as we move closer to providing the superb game-play experience that is Anarchy Online.

Further, we have found and pinpointed the causes for the “login handler dimension” error. While we do not have an ETA on a patch fix, we are moving at a rapid pace to solve this prominent concern.

Still don't know what to make of things?  Well neither do I.   Yes, things are being worked on and we can only be happy about that.  Funcom is a lot more talkative than Verant EVER was, and I'm glad to see their taking responsibility for the utterly sh-tty state of affairs in Rubi-Ka right now.   In related news, with my days off finally rolling around, expect some updates on our AO: the Mission page.  Oh and finally, in the realms of making fun of AO, Stryker's newest DG Comic is right here.  Yes I promised to have the Comic page done by Monday, and... well sh-t, It's still Monday so there's time.  Check back in a few hours you trolls.


July 2nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NEWS...
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
For what I expected to be a big news day, I am thoroughly let down.  Well, DG's biggest news is the site itself anyway so here's the spin:

-First off, let me be the first to welcome Asetti to the site.  Asetti is now the resident Asheron's Call columnist, and his first edition of AC: Asetti's Calling is available for you to read.  Hopefully Asetti's will be the first in a growing list of columns available on Doublegold.

-If you haven't noticed yet, we have a healthy dose of Java on the page now.   The update took me about three hours, but I think it picks the page up a lot.   Slowly but surely, we're making this page look... a few steps below good.

-Look for updates all over, including of course our new Columns section, DG: the Comic, new Hot and Cold thingys plus new Top Five lists.  And yes, the Daily Cam pic is up.

-Off Topic, as many of you know I am a Detroit Redwings fan and of course the big news is the Wings trading for Buffalo goalie Dominek Hasek.  As a Chris Osgood supporter, I'm still kinda up in the air on this one so I'll take a wait and see on it.   Hasek is good... he's great actually...but... I'll wait and see.  Also, bye bye Ray Bourque.  Even though you finished as a scum sucking Colorado Avalanche, you'll always be a Bruin to me and one of my favourite players of all time.  You will be missed.

-Also off topic, I've been listening to a lot of U2 these past few days... dunno why, I am a fan,not hard core though.  Anyhoo, if you're a U2 fan I truly do recommend you grabbing the new album, "All That You Can't Leave Behind".   I'd say it was their best since "Achtung Baby" and reminds me a lot of (for some bizarre reason) "the Joshua Tree".

-This is merely a rumour, which is why I don't give it a "real" news box, but according to Stryker, the suspected release date for Firearms 2.6 is August 15th, 2001.   I say this is only a rumour because our only source was some players in-game and while I'm not questioning their credibility, I'd rather not say anything for certain unless the actual FA team posts it.

Oh yeah, and I now suck at FA now unless you count my mad saiga binges.   Peace out, and Austin hugs for all of ya (fenris)


July 2nd, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)STRYKER NOTES
icondg.gif (2681 bytes)
Stryker notes:

First and foremost I would like to send a big THANKS out to my new buddy dOC from Firearms.   He helped me with a little problem I had, and showed me how badass shotguns are (I was on the receiving end of this lesson)  needles to say, the Firearms community shows its true spirit once again, by helping each other out.  Thanks again dOC......this Molson Canadian is for you!

We have a new DG! Comic up for your viewing (dis)pleasure.   Sorry about getting off track with it, but I will now update it 3 times a week.   Still not sure about those 3 days, but check the site out and we shall post it for you.

While over on the message boards at Dr. Twister Network, I came across this hilarious Anarchy Online parody movie.  If you have been playing (or trying) the past week or so, then you can relate to this movie.  I know I can, I am stuck in Newland (where the movie was shot)  except MR. T came by, and said 'I pity the foo' (fenris: I watched this and yes, it is so damn true it may not even be funny)