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July 1st, 2001
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Telling me the game is buggy doesn't make me want to smash my monitor's shiny screen any less. I have a short temper.  When things don't work like they are supposed to, I get mad.  I want to smash things.  I yell.   I say "F-ck" a lot.  "F-cking game, I just shelled out 150 bucks to spend 4 friggin hours in a shop."  Rant alert, rant alert... there will be no news in this particular post, just some old school DG bitching (and use of bad words).

I just gave up on AO for the next few hours.  Despite what the US Live server status page says, the server is NOT up 90+ percent of the time... not for me however.  No game has been this cruel to me.  And I can attribute it to the fact that I want to play the game... we have a brand new AO Website up (the Mission) ready to be filled with neato content.  I want to get into the game and explore, learn stuff.  I want to make level 9 so I can get my map for Newland City.  So what are we getting from the game?  Log in, do something for three minutes, lag, crash.  Get back to game, you're knocked back in time to where you started.  I made it out of Hell (Newland City) on Saturday night only to get stuck in a Tir County shop for a minor eternity.  Stryker fared even worse... twice he escaped Newland only to be sucked back in as the server crashed and he was jettisoned back in f-cking time.  All in all, I'd have to say it was a pretty sh-tty day.  We're both just sitting here now, both like we've been beaten down like dogs... Anarchy Online disconnect 0wnZ j00.

I still will not condemn the game though.  I swear, I bitch, I think about sending an /petition that reads, "If I get disconnect a-f*cking-gain I'm going to smash my game cd with a large hammer!"... but I never do.  What good will it do?   Funcom knows the game is the shits to play right now, hell they tell us what's up right here:



No, we are not in denial.

It is painfully obvious we know about the connect issues and zone issues. We not only talk about them, discuss them, evaluate them, but hear about them on a constant basis.

So, in light of the comments made.

We are well aware of the zoning / connect issues that have been apparent to many players. We are working to pinpoint and fix all the problems related to these issues. Unfortunately due to the very nature of programming, debugging and customer support we cannot give a bullseye ETA on this. We do apologize for the problems this has caused some, but be assured it is being worked on every minute of every day.

Thank you for being fans and thank you for being patient.

This can be read two ways.

1)  Funcom is aware of the problem and working hard day and night to correct it because hell, we pay their wages.


2)  Funcom has no f-cking clue what is going on, the ship is sinking and they're trying to hold it all together.

I think (hope) the answer is 1, but we can just tell there is a good sprinkling of 2 as well.  The problems are being worked on... it's kind of like EQ was when it went retail with the vicious lag... though EQ never dumped your ass every five minutes (it just kinda sucked, and in retrospect...it still does).  A lot of people have brought up how smooth Asheron's Call was on it's launch, but comparing AC's engine and tech to that of AO is like comparing... I don't know... a biplane to the space shuttle.  Biplanes are cool, but they don't have anything close to the details in the shuttle.  Same thing with AC and AO.  And as much as I support them, Funcom is just not Turbine... f-ck, AC players may never realize how good they got it... too bad AC devolved to number crunching and macros.

Ah, this is sliding.  Let me just say that we're both gonna keep plugging at it.  Hell, it allowed us to play some Firearms today and while I generally sucked, I was ripping it up a bit with my Saiga.  Now we're off topic.  Funcom is tackling the problems and slowly... slowly getting them taken care of.  And I guess we'll be there plugging away, trying to make do in any way that we can.  I know I will be.  I hope nothing gets broken in the meantime.

Oh, and special message to PC's in Newland city:


Thank you.


July 1st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)PATCHES
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You know the drill...

Giants: Citizen Kabuto 1.4 patch available here.

Codename Eagle 1.41 patch for download here.


July 1st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)CoD IS BACK!!
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...um, CoD is back.

Click here for the link, though if you know what CoD is, you probably already have the link.  Hell you probably already know.  Well I just wasted a minute posting this.  Ah, we missed them anyway.


July 1st, 2001
arrow.gif (832 bytes)RANDOM NEWS...
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Happy Canada Day.

Our AC column is ready to go and will most likely be up on Monday (my day off) and the main page will have some tweaks as well (java most likely).  There will be some general updates here, and on the AO site.  Finally,I have to kick Stryker's ass a bit... we'll have the comic up Monday-ish as well.

Hope you like our Kinda Daily Cam shot.  Stryker's hard on for web cams is frightening, but they're kinda fun.  Ah, I'm tired and AO has destroyed my soul.   I'll see you Monday. (fenris)