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Black & White

PUBLISHER / DEVELOPER:  EA / Lionhead Studios


YEAR:  2001

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Now I am not sure if any of you folks out there are old enough to play, let alone heard of,  classic game such as Populous...but the man, the myth, the legend, Peter Molyneux, is back.  This time he is leading the force at Lionhead and they came out with this years kick ass, game of the year nominee (if not winner), drink till the cows come home, Black & White.

Now some games suck, and some games are good.  Well let me tell you folks this one ROCKS! Black &White blends together the perfect balance of micro-management, along with land conquest, combat, and creature love.  This game is visually beautiful, but not 'GF3 needed or I won't run at all' lovely, but the graphics are great even on lesser systems (fenris notes - Yeah, like MY machine you ape f-cker)

This game isn't the type you can finish in one sit down, you will play for hours (and by hours I mean days) on end, teaching your creature new tricks, fighting other creatures, dancing with other creatures (if that's your fancy) managing your city, completing the in game quests and mini-quests.  The list goes on and on....


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Black & White plays like no other game out on the market right now.  In what other game can you teach your creature to set buildings on fire, then teach him to put them out??  The controls for the game itself are easy to use, and it has a helpful (but long) tutorial at the beginning of the game that teaches you the basics.  The only problem is, whenever you want to make a new game, you have to go through the tutorial again.  Well that is what you had to do, prior to the patch that recently came out.  You can now totally skip the tutorial, and get right into the fray.  But if you are new to B&W, tough it out and go through it at least once.

Now the name Black & White basically details what type of character you can be in the game.  Will you be just? Will you punish all those innocent villagers that don't worship you?  Will you be 'good' or 'evil'?  These questions you have to ask yourself again and again while playing the game, and anything you do will effect your status as a God, and if you have the 'learning leash' on it will effect the way your creature will grow and learn.

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                                                   Good                      or                  Evil

The more evil you (as a God not your creature) become, affects the way your temple and hand appears.  The more evil your are your hand starts to become deformed, and more veins are shown.  Your temple also starts to go blood red, and spikes appear out of it.  While if you are good, your hand is, well, normal looking.  At one point in the game, my horse (unicorn at this point like above) was glowing with goodness, bright colors coming off of it.  While my hand and temple were blood red.  I was evil, and my horse was good.  Good thing I didn't teach him to sacrifice villagers, that was my job.  Well not all villagers, just their first, second and third born.

When you first start off you are given a small village, some people, and some basic supplies.  It is up to you to build your little village into a booming community.    It is up to you, to get other villages into believing in you as a God, and increase your area of influence.  The more people believe in you and the more belief you gain through various acts (whether it be you chucking some rocks around or healing the sick) the farther you can reach and interact with the people around land and the terrain.

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The visual effects in this game are superb!  The graphics are nice, and like I said before you don't need a god like machine in order to play the game.  The Audio effects are also nice, but here is also where Black & White sets itself apart from the rest.  In game, you can have your MP3's playing, and your creature will dance to whatever style of music you have playing!  Also (rumor has it) you can teach your creature to like or dislike certain types of music in your playlist!  This, along with the fact that each creature dances a bit different (Horse dancing normally is like an Irish jig) will make for countless hours of fun, watching your creature dance.

Dancing isn't the only thing that is unique to each different type of creature.    Each creature has their own fighting style.  Now I don't know all the different styles that each creature fights with, but I know my Horse fights like an Irish boxer.  Dukes up, and ready to punch some teeth out, like this poor goody goody Fox (wolf) below.

dukes.gif (11356 bytes)

The spell effects and creature models are just sweet in this game.  I haven't played a game were I said 'Holly Sh*t look at this.....' as much  when I play B&W.  The spell are not only visually entertaining, but they are just darn fun to cast.  With the ability to cast regular and super versions of some spells, you are just itching to cast those fireballs again...and again.....

The audio effects are also worth mentioning.  The voice acting in this game is the best I have seen in a long time!  The way some of the actors talk that you encounter in your journeys is well worth the cost of the game itself.  The Good and Evil gods on your shoulder are very well done, and you have to let your mouse sit there for a while and the fun will really begin.  They both will do a little skit if you wait about 5 minutes, and don't move the mouse around.  They are worth the wait.

In the first map you encounter some folk along the shore who need your assistance in building their boat.  They sing a song for you every time you help them out.  I don't know where the folk at Lionhead came up with the lyrics, but they are funny as hell.


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Teaching your creature to do things, and then watching them do them after you taught them is such a rewarding experience.  Its not like us humans, who say "I'll never drink that much again...." and then next weekend, lo and behold, who's praying once again to the high and mighty porcelain gods?  Ehh ehh, your creature does what you want it to do, or you beat it (depending on your style of gameplay) (fenris notes - eheheh.. you beat it.  I think he liked the beating part, if you smell what the Rock is cooking ;)

Something worth noting, that most people may not notice, is the gravity in Black & White.  The gravity in this game is very realistic.  When you chuck those boulders around, you know for sure that they are coming down, and quickly!  Also if you are more devious, or just mean, you can place large boulders on slopes above enemy villages, then watch as the rocks come tumbling down the hill, and crush your opponent into ground.  The Fireball spell also follows this too, where at times you can lob shots from your area of influence into another gods area, then watch the Fireball skim along the ground burning everything in its path, then burn out.

Built into the game itself, is a creature home page feature.  While you are playing, it will automatically take some screen shots of your creature, and load them into a B&W directory that you can load up with Internet Explorer or Netscape, and look at some of your creature status (i.e. age) and check out some screen shots.  The beauty of this is the files are already in .html format,  so you can upload them to the net, and have a homepage of your creature!  Friends, family, enemies, crazy Stryker who surfs the internet at wee hours of the morning, anyone can come and check out your creature.


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Well some of you still may be 'Humming and Hawing' about forking over some cash for this game, let me tell you it is well worth it.  The ability to replay this game again and again, and enjoy new experiences each time you play is just phenomenal.  The online capabilities to battle other gods is another great feature built into this game.  This allows you and your creature to interact with other gods.    Where you and your little guy can learn new tricks, new spells, and possibly gain new friends.  I can't seem to put this game down.  I may leave it alone for a day or two, but then I am right back into the fray, battling other gods and yelling out 'Mortal Combat' every time my creature goes into battle.  There is nothing, and I do mean nothing out on the market right now, or in the immediate future that can compete with Black & White in its original gameplay, style and all around fun level.

Black and White gets 9/10 McGinley heads.  It loses 1 head because the patch was delayed, and I wish there were more acts, but those will be coming out in an expansion soon.

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(fenris notes - While I did love this game, I fell out of it bad long before Stryker did.  My major hangups were the somewhat uninspired micromanagement and the fact that raising your creature did become tedious at times.  Then of course I accidentally saved over my 19 year old creature... man that pissed me off. After that, I lost a lot of interest.  I give it a 8/10.)

(Horse good and evil pictures are from planetblackandwhite)